Distracted Driving: A Growing Concern on the Roads

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There are many ways that technology has improved productivity for everyone. You can get information you need wherever you are and easily get directions without unfolding a paper map.

However, these technological advancements have also paved the way for greater dangers. With so many people multitasking, even while behind the wheel, it has become a huge concern on the roadways.

Known as distracted driving, it’s any action or circumstance that distracts a driver from safely operating a vehicle. Texting is often the first thing that comes to mind when distracted driving is mentioned, though many other things can distract from the task of driving.

Types of Distractions While Driving

Understanding the types of distractions that can cause car accidents is important for all drivers. It will help you to stay safe whether you’re running errands, driving to work, or on a road trip.

Distracted driving is divided into three categories — manual, visual, and cognitive. Some of the distractions may encompass all of these categories.

Manual Distractions

A manual distraction is anything that makes you remove your hands from the steering wheel. You could be changing the music, adjusting the temperature inside your car, eating, drinking, or using your phone.

Visual Distractions

Taking your eyes off the road for any reason is considered a visual distraction. Looking at your GPS to find out where to turn, looking at your passengers, sending a text, or looking at things as you drive by are all visual distractions.

Cognitive Distractions

A cognitive distraction is anything that takes your mind off the task of driving. You may be daydreaming or engrossed in a conversation on the phone.

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What Causes People to Get Distracted While Driving?

Most of the time, drivers become distracted by reaching for items that have fallen out of their reach, interacting with other passengers, daydreaming, or using their phones.

Texting and driving remains one of the most common causes of distraction behind the wheel. In those few seconds it takes to read or send a text, you could cross an entire football field. It’s precisely why it’s one of the worst distracted driving behaviors.

Even if you use hands-free options for talking or texting, it’s distracting you on the cognitive level. Accident investigations can show whether or not a phone was in use at the time of a crash. If you were injured in a car accident, an investigation may reveal that the other driver was using their phone at the time. This would prove negligence, making them liable for your injuries and damages.

What Should I Do If I Was in an Accident Caused by a Distracted Driver?

Regardless of what causes a distraction that leads to a crash, you can seek damages from the at-fault driver. They may try to explain things away or even blame you for the accident. It can be challenging to face this on your own, especially when you are trying to recover from serious injuries.

If you suspect the other driver was distracted, speak with a personal injury attorney who represents car accident victims. They will have the resources required to investigate the crash and preserve evidence that can prove the other driver is to blame.

Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation that can provide you with advice regarding your case. You may find it’s worth it to pursue a car accident lawsuit to get the financial recovery you deserve for your injuries.

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