Domain Authority Unpacked: How Your Domain Choice Influences SEO and Online Visibility

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Starting your website begins with finding the right domain name, which is just a fancy term for your website’s address on the internet. As a beginner, this process can be confusing and overwhelming. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about picking the perfect domain and helping you choose the domain that will influence SEO and online visibility.

What is a Domain Name?

Think of a domain name like your home’s address but on the internet. For example, “” is like an address for a website. When you type one into your browser, it’s like telling your computer where you want to go online ie when searching for best biopic movies. The domain name is the easy way to find a website without having to remember the complicated numbers that are actually used to find it on the internet.

How to Evaluate Domain Authority When Comparing Domain Names

When in a search for domains to see what’s available, you can use various tools to view DA scores. This allows you to evaluate domains based on their existing authority. For brand-new domains without content yet published, you may see a DA score of 1. That’s perfectly normal, and it will improve as you build out your site.

You can also check Domain Rating (DR), a very similar metric to DA calculated by Ahrefs. The two scores usually correlate closely and can help you assess domains. Additionally, review the backlink profile of any domains you’re comparing. Even domains with low/no DA may have existing backlinks you can benefit from.

Parked Domains: Should You Buy an Expired Domain?

When searching for domains, you may come across “parked” domains – expired domains put up for auction or sale. Should you buy one of these instead of registering a new domain?

There are pros and cons to consider:


  • Possible backlinks from the old site
  • Higher starting domain authority
  • Existing traffic and branding


  • Unknown prior use/quality
  • Potential penalty risks
  • Higher cost to purchase

Tread carefully and thoroughly vet parked domains before purchasing one. Use tools to assess backlink profile/quality and identify any shady history. An expired domain with strong metrics can give you a boost. But low-quality parked domains offer little value and may even hurt your SEO.

Tips for Picking a Domain Name That Supports SEO

  • Consider an exact match domain (EMD): EMDs using a single target keyword tend to achieve high relevancy for that term. But they can seem spammy if over-optimized.
  • Use hyphens for separation: Hyphens can help with SEO relevancy for compound terms while also improving memorability.
  • Don’t keyword stuff: Avoid jamming multiple keywords into your domain. Not only does it look spammy, but it can also lead to a diluted domain authority.
  • Check for trademark conflicts: Do a trademark search to ensure your domain doesn’t directly match or closely resemble another established brand name.


Remember, your domain name is your first handshake with the digital world; it’s what makes your first impression. As seen, factors like domain authority (DA) and Domain Rating (DR) are key metrics to consider, not just for the sake of numbers but for what they signify—trust, reliability, and authority in your niche.

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