EA FC 24 Shooting Guide

In EA FC 24, shooting with precision and tact can be the game-changer, and this guide is here to perfect your shooting prowess. We’re going to explore the myriad of shot types you have and pinpoint the ideal scenarios for each.

Merely orchestrating attacks isn’t enough if you can’t capitalize on opportunities. We’ve all witnessed games, both in real life and in EA Sports FC 24, where teams maintain dominance yet falter due to their inability to seal the deal. In EA FC 24, mastering clinical finishes can not only swing the game in your favor but can also dishearten those who focus on ball possession.One significant alteration by EA this year, which can influence your goal-scoring prowess, is the introduction of Playstyles. Now, based on real-life prowess, players are assigned specific playstyles that enhance the efficiency of certain shots, such as Chip, Finesse, and Power Shot Playstyles. Although many shooting dynamics are consistent with prior editions, it’s essential to understand that players aligned with a particular shooting playstyle will perform those shots more effectively. However, to stay versatile on the field, it’s crucial to be adept in all shot types, tailoring your approach based on the situation so, with FC 24 coins in your pocket and ambition in your heart, let’s get started.

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Kicking off our EA FC 24 Shooting Guide, we have the fundamental shot. It’s a staple that every FC account holder is familiar with. By pressing and holding O/B (PlayStation/Xbox), a powerful strike is charged, which can stun goalkeepers from diverse distances. This straightforward shot is efficient for quick execution, making it ideal for simple tap-ins where the ball’s direction isn’t pivotal. It’s also an effective method for challenging the goalkeeper from afar, outside the box, aiming for a potential rebound. While the basic shot is an excellent starting point, as you progress, you’ll want to explore more intricate shooting techniques.


The Chip Shot is our next focus in this EA FC 24 Shooting Guide. It’s arguably one of the most challenging shots in the game, demanding impeccable power and precise timing. This shot shines when you’re face-to-face with an advancing keeper. To execute, press L1/LB + O/B just moments before the goalkeeper engages with the ball. Staying composed is key here. Over-pressing the shoot button might send the ball not only over the keeper but also over the goal.


If you’re aiming to gracefully curl shots from the perimeter of the box, landing them into the far corner, the finesse shot is your go-to. Trigger this elegant maneuver with R1/RB + O/B. Not only is it a beauty from a distance, but it’s also adept for close encounters, allowing you to deftly navigate the ball past an oncoming goalkeeper instead of forcefully propelling it into him. Timing is crucial for perfecting the finesse shot.


The revered power shot returns in EA FC 24. To deploy this formidable strike, hold down L1/LB + R1/RB + O/B. This initiates an animation where your player charges up for a formidable strike with enough force to rip the net. However, it comes with its challenges: diminished accuracy and the extended time needed for charging, which leaves you vulnerable to opponents’ interventions.

Given these limitations, power shots inside the penalty area in EA FC 24 are rarely effective. It’s more strategic to attempt these from the edge of the box, where you might have a slight advantage in terms of time and position.


One of the most challenging shots in the game is the Timed Finishing due to its demand for impeccable timing, especially during intense game moments. To master this shot, start by pressing O/B to initiate the shooting animation. Just before your player connects with the ball, hit the shoot button again. Executed flawlessly, the shot’s power and accuracy will be amplified, making it difficult for the keeper to defend. However, even a minor misstep could send the ball veering off towards the corner flag.


Rounding off our EA FC 24 Shooting guide is the exhilarating Flair Shot. Every striker dreams of nailing a bicycle kick, and EA FC 24 brings that aspiration to life. Engage this shot by pressing L2/LT + O/B when the ball aligns perfectly in height and position. Beyond the bicycle kick, players can also experiment with other flair moves like the scorpion kick, rabona, and various trick shots. While these shots are visually impressive, they might not always guarantee goals due to potential compromises in power and accuracy.


This sums up the EA FC 24 Shooting Guide. It’s crucial to remember that every in-game scenario demands a distinct shot choice; no single shot reigns supreme. For straightforward tap-ins, opt for the basic shot. When confronted with an advancing keeper, a chip shot might be ideal. If aiming to gracefully navigate around the keeper, use the finesse shot. And, to truly challenge the keeper from a distance, employ the power shot’s formidable strength. Your choice should always be dictated by the immediate situation on the field.

As the old adage goes, practice leads to perfection. So, invest time in honing your skills with the EA FC 24 Skill Games.

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