ESPN and Disney’s Lucrative Foray into the Gambling World

In a surprising yet calculated move, ESPN and The Walt Disney Company have decided to jump headfirst into the lucrative world of sports gambling. Through a strategic partnership with Penn Entertainment, the media giant will launch ESPN Bet, a branded sportsbook for fans in the United States. Here’s why this is an industry-shaking development, and how it could significantly impact both companies’ futures.

The ESPN Bet Venture

This partnership is set to redefine sports gambling in the U.S., with Penn Entertainment rebranding its current sports betting book to become ESPN Bet. Scheduled to launch in Fall 2023, ESPN Bet will operate in the 16 legalized betting states where Penn Entertainment is licensed. ESPN Bet will benefit from ESPN’s industry-leading multi-platform reach and Penn Entertainment’s operational expertise. In return, Penn Entertainment will receive odds attribution, promotional services, ESPN talent access, and more. This partnership aims to create an unmatched user experience for sports betting enthusiasts, with both companies investing heavily in it.

ESPN has greatly increased multi-platform sports betting content in recent years, adding digital programming, radio segments, and editorial coverage from talent. ESPN BET is now the latest offering from ESPN to meet fan demand for a trusted brand in the sports betting space. The rise of sites such as underscores the increasing demand for trustworthy platforms for sports betting. ESPN BET aims to capture a portion of this market with its new branded sportsbook.

A Turnaround for Disney’s View on Gambling

Despite former CEO Bob Iger’s past hesitation about entering the gambling space, Disney’s latest decision shows a change in attitude. “The strategy here is simple: to give fans what they’ve been requesting and expecting from ESPN,” said Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman, ESPN. This marks a major shift in Disney’s approach to gambling, as they move from passively covering gambling topics to actively participating in the market.

Financial Implications

Under the terms of the partnership, Penn Entertainment will pay ESPN a staggering $1.5 billion over a 10-year period. This financial shot in the arm could potentially catalyze Disney’s ambitious $17 billion investment plans at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Given Disney’s hefty debt load, this additional revenue stream could be a game-changer for the media conglomerate.

Responsible Gaming Measures

Amidst this bold move, both companies have pledged to uphold standards of responsible gaming. An ESPN committee will be developed to regularly review compliance, programming, and policies. This aligns with Disney’s family-friendly brand image and ensures a balanced approach to the gambling venture.

Public Reaction and Future Prospects

While sports gambling has long been a controversial issue, its public acceptance has dramatically increased over the years. Platforms like FanDuel and DraftKings have become household names, and leagues that once shunned gambling are now embracing it. Despite potential concerns about brand image, Disney’s entry into this space could make ESPN more valuable and open up new avenues for strategic partnerships, perhaps even with tech giants like Apple.

Impacts on Other Ventures

It’s interesting to note that Penn Entertainment will divest its ownership of Barstool Sports, a decision that arguably removes a complex dynamic from this already multi-layered partnership. Also, this gambling venture could be a sign of more to come. There’s already speculation about the inclusion of casinos in Disney’s cruise line fleet, especially in international waters.


The ESPN Bet venture marks a watershed moment for ESPN, Disney, and the sports gambling industry as a whole. Only time will tell if this bold move will pay off, but one thing is certain: the landscape of sports betting in the U.S. is set for a significant shake-up.

Whether you’re a gambler, a sports fan, or a Disney enthusiast, keep an eye on this space. The outcome of this partnership could very well shape the future of entertainment and sports betting for years to come.

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