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B2B Digital Marketing in India: The Present and Future

There are probably hundreds of businesses in the past that would have loved to have had the opportunity to post all the relevant information about their business in one location. Too bad that these companies weren’t around when the internet was at its most successful. Fortunately, you do live in such an age. Therefore, you have the means to create a website that truly represents your company.

Featuring a detailed and accessible website like this may just be the best marketing for your company. However, a poorly designed website may work to put people off from using your business. So, what constitutes a good company website? Well, it needs to feature just a few important things.

An About Page

An about page on a company website works exactly as you think it would. This page should feature a short description of what your company does and why. It may also help to include a personal story about how your business got started. A passage like this can help build a bond with your customers. A bond may be necessary to help distinguish your business from the competition. If you wanted to, you could also include a meet the team section on your ‘About Us’ page. 

A list of names and their role within the company can help direct people to the right person when they visit your website for specific information. It also helps to provide pictures of these people on their profiles. A picture helps to put a face to the name during correspondence so that the people who email you feel like they are always talking to a human. Again, this step can also help to personalise the customer experience.

A Contacts Page

The average person that visits your website might not always know exactly what they want. These people are probably searching for an idea of who could help them with what they need. When this happens, they will need a general means of contact.

That is why your company website will need a contact page.it is here that you can place the address of your home office as well as any other ways that people can contact you for general information.  These forms of contact can include your email address or details about your social media presence if you have employees on hand to answer general queries on these platforms. it may also be necessary to include a Google Map link for directions to your main offices if you are expecting a lot of clients to visit the premises.


A business that sells products instead of offering a service should always strive to include ecommerce capabilities on its website. Ecommerce gives you the chance to make sales without having to hire employees to manage these transactions. What’s more, it allows you to continue to make sales in the international market.

A good ecommerce store should have the ability to take order details and payments automatically. At the end of the day, all your employees should have to worry about when it comes to making a sale is what products have been ordered and where they are going. Of course, there is a lot more that you can do to optimise your website’s ecommerce capabilities, and it starts by choosing the right platform. That is where a company like Charle comes in. Charle is a Shopify agency that is based in London. These professionals can help you to improve your ecommerce capabilities by developing them in a way that suits the current market.

Graphic Design

It is normal for people to avoid anything that appears too boring. The same is true when surfing the web. A stream of black text on a white background isn’t going to encourage anyone to look at your company website. Not only will this approach make your website look boring, but it will also appear as if your site may be broken. That is why you will need to get creative.

You want to make your website appear as appealing to your visitors as possible. Uploading some pictures to your company site is a good start, but you will start to notice that a few images of a work environment are hardly enough to keep your potential customers around. These pictures may serve to make your business look more professional, but this isn’t really telling people anything new. That is why you should consider outsourcing your web page design to a trained graphic design professional. These professionals know how to arrange a website so that it is visually engaging and also includes all the necessary information that you need to get across.

Blog Page

Your area of business isn’t likely to be a simple A to B process. If your company exists within a wide industry, then you can also think about including a blog page on your website.

Bloggers can add articles about relevant things that relate to your business to help reach a wider audience. These blog posts can also provide internet users with another reason to visit your site. This means that they will be more likely to use or recommend your company, even if they do not have a need for your services right now. Blogs can also help you with your marketing strategy by using them as an SEO tool. A site with a blog page has more space to include keywords and inks to improve your search rankings. Therefore, your company could use a blog page as a subtle marketing technique.

Customer Reviews

It doesn’t matter how much you praise your company’s performance on your website. A potential customer is not going to take reliable information straight from the horse’s mouth. They are far more likely to trust the word of someone they can relate to instead. That is why it is important for modern websites to include customer reviews in a place that is easy to find.

A series of good reviews from your previous customers can reassure any new customers that they are making a good choice by choosing to pay for your services. Therefore, customer reviews can make it more likely that someone chooses to use your company, so make sure you save these details and make them easy to find.

Terms Of Service 

Not everything on your company website acts as a fun way to stretch your creative muscles. Anyone that presents vast quantities of information or promises to a large audience must also do so legally. That is why you will need to include a terms of service page on your site.

A terms of service page acts just like the standard terms and condition clause that you see at the end of an important contract. This page details any conditions that you agree to when using the site and should offer visitors a way to opt out of this clause should they wish to. You can also include any details of how you might use their data if you have plans to and how they can consent to you doing so.


Setting up a company website is hardly rocket science; however, it is difficult to make one that stands out. You can use any of the advice above to get your website up to standard and make sure that you do not miss out on any of these crucial elements.

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