Full cast listing for new ITV drama Maternal

New drama Maternal has arrived on ITV1 – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast if you haven’t already watched it.

The series is about three female doctors returning to post-pandemic frontline medicine after maternity leave and having to heroically balance the intense demands of the NHS and motherhood.

The medical drama focuses on the often brutal reality of life and work after maternity leave. “Maternal explores working motherhood with wit, warmth and humour and offers a unique perspective on our beloved, overstretched NHS, and the people who hold it together. Sometimes”

Maternal has been written by written by Jacqui Honess-Martin and directed by James Griffiths with six episodes airing on ITV1 and ITVX this January.

Maternal 2023 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of Maternal:

Parminder Nagra plays Maryam Afridi
Lara Pulver plays Catherine MacDiarmid
Lisa McGrillis plays Helen Cavendish
Raza Jaffrey plays Jack Oliviera

Oliver Chris plays Guy Cavendish
Abhin Galeya plays Raz Farooqi
Julie Graham plays Susan Fisher
Alexander Karim plays Lars Nordström

Aurora Jones plays Maggie Cavendish
Mat Fraser plays Steve
Haydn Gwynne plays Anne Macdiarmid
Matilda Ziegler plays Becky Hillford

Shaheen Khan plays Sania Masoom
Sabina Arthur plays Kim Allerton
Dean Ridge plays Simon Segman
D’Vante Hart plays Edward

Cheryl Mackie plays Mrs. Williams
Darren Hart plays Mr. Williams
Cleo Sylvestre plays Mrs. Osei
Jennifer Macbeth plays Tessa Joseph

Elizabeth Dulau plays Louise Pennycook
Stephanie Jacob plays Mrs. Smith
Joe Thomas plays Matt Malyon
Guy Rufus Williams plays Prof. Thomas

Bill Skinner plays Will
Elan Butler plays Freddie

A full teaser of the opening episode shares: “It’s August 2022 and Maryam, Catherine and Helen – three friends and colleagues at City General Hospital – are returning to work after maternity leave.

“Maryam, a Paediatrician, is nervous. She’s been away for two years and she isn’t prepared for being thrust into frontline duties on Day One. But such is the under-staffed NHS, and once Maryam gets into the swing of things she begins to feel the buzz of the vocation she loves. Over the course of the week, however, things change, as Maryam faces the demands of being on-call alongside supervising new F1 Simon Segman, all while trying to treat a young boy in her care.

“After nine months maternity leave, surgeon Catherine is desperate to get stuck back in. She also wants to bag a Consultant job, which is the only way she can manage her life as a single mum to daughter Elis. But making Consultant won’t be easy, not least because she’ll be in direct competition with her ex, Jack. And things are set to get even more complicated as Lars – a fellow surgeon who Catherine had a fling with – arrives in town from Sweden, and Catherine decides to break the news to him that he is Elis’ dad.

“Mum-of-three Helen’s life is chaotic, and now she’s back at work on the same ward as husband Guy… as his junior. Add to this the fact that Guy had an affair with a young female colleague and it’s not surprising that Helen’s personal problems often play out at work. Helen is a skilled doctor who intuitively diagnoses an elderly patient and takes Tessa, an F1, under her wing. “But will she be able to get past Guy’s betrayal enough to keep doing her job and holding everything, and everyone, together?”

Maternal aired on Monday, 16 January at 9PM on ITV1. The series has six episodes which continue weekly.

You’ll also be able to watch online with all episodes available to stream on ITVX after the first airs on TV.

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