Get Opportunities to Resell Text Books in Exchange of Money

Are you one of them who have lots of text books from school and willing to resell them? The best way is to search for different ways to sell them and earn good sum of money. You might have changed your stream, you might be studying something else and you do not need those text books. 

What will you do by staking them at the shelves? The best way is to search for potential buyers who can buy your books at a good sum of money and they can further utilise them. 

The different ways to sell the text books

  1. Sell Them To Individuals

There might be students who are looking for old textbooks to study. Not everyone has the chance to buy the new books as they are often too pricy. So, it is always better to resell your books to those who are definitely looking for some good reads. For this, you need to categorise your books, separate them as per the syllabus or topics, make a list of hoe many books you need to sell, set a budget and then give an advertisement on selling. 

Apart from advertising, you can spread the information on word-of-mouth so that people gets to know that you are selling them. You can also post on social media platforms to provide the information that you are selling the books. 

  1. Sell Them At Online Marketplaces

There are various online marketplaces where you can sell the used text books for further studies. These marketplaces buy the books at good prices providing you the opportunity to de-clutter the space and also you will get good amount on behalf. 

However, you need to find out trusted online marketplaces to sell the books. Not all the websites are reliable. First check the reviews from the old sellers and read their experiences and then sell your own books. Do not forget to check the shipping costs and delivery options. Some of the examples of marketplaces include eBay and AbeBooks. 

Here the students mainly of the final semesters sell their old books that they do not need anymore. The marketplaces are one of the best places to buy the second hand books at good prices. The first step includes making a long list of the types of books you want to sell, and then prepare the list as per the category of books. Put the names of the books you need to sell at the marketplace platform, and sell the books in exchange of money. 

  1. Sell Books at the online used books Stores

There are various online books stores that buy and sell used books. Such platforms are best for those who are looking for valuable used books and also for those who need to sell books at good prices. Some of the names include BooksRun, TextbookRush, WeBuyBooks Online and many more. 

Most of these online platforms buy the books from those who want to sell them at good prices. Finding one such platform will help you to free up the space at your home and in exchange, you can get good amount of money from the buyers. 

  1. BooksRun

It is one of the trusted sites that offer good quality books for selling and buying. You need to just find the site, send the ISBN number, check the availability, ship the book and the price of the book includes the shipping which is present with the label. You will get the money through the online sites like PayPal. The process is very easy. Here you can sell individual books as well as books in bulk. To know more, you can visit the website and check the details of selling.


It is one of the popular platforms where you can sell the used books in bulk. You can send your text books, story books and other valuable books in exchange of money. You need to search online and find out this platform, then visit their reselling option and then put the name of the book for reselling. 

All these options are great for selling your books. You can earn a good sum of money on selling them online and give others the chance to read the books.

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