How a DWI Attorney Protects You from a Permanent Conviction

Are you a Texas resident in need of a DWI attorney? To get the best defense against DWI charges, hire an experienced attorney.

DWI lawyers.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense. You will need a DWI attorney’s help to deal with the following:

  • Challenge your driver’s license suspension.
  • Assert your constitutional rights.
  • Avoid final conviction.

Your charges may vary from public intoxication to murder. As a first-time DWI offender in Texas, you may be facing:

  • Permanent criminal conviction.
  • $6,000 fine.
  • Driver license suspension.
  • One-year jail term.
  • Court cost.

A jail term is not mandatory for a first-time DWI offender. Avoiding a permanent criminal conviction is critical because the person involved will lose thousands of dollars in wages if convicted. Driving while intoxicated in Texas is classified as a felony if there is a child passenger, or if the offense was repeated more than three times. 

If your driver’s license is suspended, you have 15 days to request for administrative license revocation hearing. If not, you lose the opportunity to contest, and your license will be suspended so find the best attorneys in criminal and DWI defense. Trey Porter Law has the highest-rated DWI lawyers with an extensive record of success. 

First DWI offense.

It is a class B misdemeanor. 

  • A blood alcohol concentration below .15. is a class B misdemeanor. The maximum jail term is six months with a fine of $3,000. If you get convicted your driver’s license will be suspended. 
  • Blood alcohol concentration is .15 and above. It is a class A misdemeanor. The maximum jail term is 12 months. The maximum fine is $6,000. The conviction made is permanent and results in the suspension of the offender’s driver’s license.
  • Open container. It is a class A or B misdemeanor depending on the blood alcohol concentration. If convicted for this offense, you may face a minimum of 6 days in jail. 
  • Child passenger. It is considered a state jail felony. The maximum fine is $10,000. You will face two years of confinement in a state jail facility. If convicted, this offense is permanent and results in suspension of driver’s license. 

Second DWI offense. 

It is a class A misdemeanor. The maximum jail sentence is one year and a fine of $6,000. A permanent conviction requires a 3-day jail sentence. It also results in driver’s license suspension. To be released from jail on bond, a deep lung device must be maintained in all vehicles. 

Third DWI offense.

It is a third-degree felony. The maximum prison sentence in the criminal justice penitentiary is ten years. The maximum fine is $10,000. A 10-day jail sentence is a requirement for this conviction. This offense is permanent and results in the suspension of a driver’s license. A deep lung device is mandatory in all vehicles as a bond requirement


Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are looking for the best and most highly-rated DIW attorneys. A DIW attorney helps to fight the suspension of your driver’s license, assert your constitutional rights, and avoid final conviction. The consequences of conviction vary depending on the number of times the offense was committed. 

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