How an ice press works – the main points and principles of operation

If you decide to buy an ice machine or use it for a long time in your life, you will be in the right place to know how it works and what you should pay attention to if you decide to buy one from BF Tech.

The ice press machine will become an indispensable assistant for people who work in restaurants, cafes and bars. But it is also suitable at home if you have a large family, are planning a party, want cool drinks, or need to make ice quickly.

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Principle of operation

The device consists of an electric motor, a cooling device, a heating element, and a tray. Drinking water is needed to “remove” the ice. If the appliance cannot be connected to the water supply, water will have to be poured manually from a suitable container. Work begins when the water level reaches the required level. The fact that the device has a built-in thermostat means that the device can be turned on and off entirely autonomously. As soon as the water in the tray freezes, heat is transferred to the bottom, thanks to which the ice cubes are delayed and fall into a special chamber for ready ice.

How does an ice maker work?

The principle of operation is simple and practically does not differ from an autonomous device. A switch inside causes water to flow through a tube attached to the back of the refrigerator. Water fills the ice tray through a pipe at the back of the freezer. The low temperature in the freezer turns water into ice. The thermostat determines the temperature. When the set level is reached, an electric heater at the bottom of the bowl slightly heats the ice and releases the cubes. The motor rotates a unique mechanism that ejects the ice cubes. This cycle repeats until the ice space is total. When the ice runs out, and the area is empty, the device will automatically turn on and make a new batch of ice. Hold a cup or glass over the ice dispenser and wait for the ice to fall into it. But what if your unit doesn’t produce enough ice to meet your needs? There are many common causes of this problem. After analyzing each reason, we are confident that you will find a solution that works for you. Why the device works slowly – use the tips to avoid similar issues in the future. Lower the freezer temperature: Check the appliance settings to see if a higher temperature has been set. In this case, the thermostat setting will allow the incoming water to freeze faster, and the device will work more quickly. Stop opening the door to check the ice. This dramatically slows the formation of ice when the internal temperature rises. Keep the unit fully stocked: the team will need help maintaining the constant low temperature required to make ice. Make sure the water pipe is not blocked and has sufficient pressure. If there are problems with the plumbing, small ice cubes can form. Move the device away from the wall and check that all pipes are connected to the water. Turn the water tap to the fully open position to ensure full pressure. Replace the water filter. A clogged water filter can block the device’s water supply and slow its operation. After installing a new filter, run a few cycles before using ice.

Ice press machines occupy an essential place among the professional equipment of a bar or restaurant; ice press machines carefully crush pieces of ice into crumbs, which are needed for decorating alcoholic cocktails, coffee, juices, desserts and other dishes.

Types of ice press machines

An ice press machine is designed to crush ice cubes into tiny granules. Crushing occurs due to the rotation of the built-in metal knives, and they move thanks to an electric motor that works from the mains. Crushed ice, having passed through a calibrated sieve, immediately enters the receiving cup. The device consists of the following parts:

  • Steel knives;
  • Metal or plastic case;
  • A bowl for crumbs.

There are two main types of ice press machines:

Hand-held devices are simple ice press machines characterized by slow operation and used at home or in small bars. Products work according to the principle of a meat grinder – you need to turn the handle for grinding. Compact dimensions, modern design and ergonomics characterize them.

Electric ice press machines are more efficient and are needed in the kitchens of large restaurants or cafes. Thanks to them, the bartender can quickly crush ice in large quantities, enough to pour the material into the container and press the appropriate button. Electric ice press machines are equipped with the possibility of installation and several grinding modes.

At BF Tech, you can buy ice press machines of various types at affordable prices. The compact size is perfect for limited space. Customers are attracted by the possibility of mixing ice and drink simultaneously. Thanks to this, these devices become a great helper in case of a large influx of visitors. They are convenient to use and have compact dimensions – they are easy to carry from place to place.

Advantages of ice press machines

Quality of work. The devices perfectly crush ice, so they are an ideal option for soft drinks in terms of shape and consistency. Ergonomics. The product is produced in compact sizes, which allows the bartender to place it conveniently on the bar counter. High-speed – ice press machines are characterized by high efficiency and quick grinding of a large amount of ice.

How to choose ice press machines?

Anyone can buy ice press machines at BF Tech. To do this, it is enough to decide on a specific model and start placing an order. You can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics on a separate product page, see photos, and read reviews. You can pay for purchases at BF Tech by bank card, cash and non-cash payment. You will also be pleased with regular promotions, discounts, sales and fast delivery. The information filters on the site will help you choose the device.

Speed. They are measured in kilograms/minute or kilograms/hour. The device, with a capacity of 0.2 to 1 kilogram of crushed ice per minute, is suitable for small cafes and bars. For use in companies or large hypermarkets, you will need a device with an 8-10 kilograms/minute indicator—the ability to work. The device’s surface area and the tank’s volume should be considered when choosing a device. The bigger it is, the more ice you can get at one time. The cheapest will be plastic ice press machines – they are light and take up little space. Devices with a stainless steel case are more robust, more stable and more expensive. The most costly models are devices made of aluminium. They are setting the degree of grinding. Budget ice press machines work in one mode and crush ice into identical pieces. Professional equipment is equipped with particular regulators, which can be used to set the degree of grinding; ice press machines are a helpful device that will help quickly process ice mass into tiny granules.

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