How Can Individuals Build and Maintain Strong Professional Networks?

Who you know is as important as what you know. This famed and at the first glance, banal saying has become more and more relevant as the world ventures farther into the digital age, and with that,  connections with the right individuals and organizations to regain authority

To get ahead and achieve your goals(doesn’t matter what they might be) means building and maintaining professional networks. You can have all the skills and knowledge you need, and something crucial can still be missing, which can not only make growing and developing in your career difficult and exhausting, it can at the same time make doing your job unpleasant and less rewarding. The answer and solution to this problem are strong personal connections with others that can help you in your further development and teach you skills you otherwise would not have access to. You have to approach it with intrinsic motivation and maintain a positive mindset.

Building a great professional network requires initiative. Even though at the beginning it might seem like too much effort and tedious work, you have to meet new people and establish advantageous relationships based on trust and respect and result in mutual gain and satisfaction.

 Tips to reinforce your networking abilities:

  1. Prioritize your outreach 

Find out exactly what you are searching for and decide who your main targets are. Why do they interest you and what are your commmont interests? What can you offer each other in professional settings? So, know the reason for your outreach.

  1. Remember: All Relationships should be Reciprocal

Being Inconsiderate is not a good look. While using your connections for conquering new heights, you should always remember to offer your support in return. The relationship will suffer and turn unpleasant if you benefit and the other person does not. Even just asking if your help is needed can go a long way and make the connection more personal and trusting.

  1. Reach out and Keep in Touch

Sustaining a relationship entails check-ins at least once in a while. After choosing the people you find interesting and connecting with them is worthwhile, stay in contact with them. After establishing a mutual understanding and appreciation try not to lose that, shoot them a ‘how-are-you’ text from time to time, and in some cases, give them a call to show them you care. 

  1. Use Social Media Sites

Professional networking is constantly changing. There are various social networks where you can add to and interact with professional contacts. Many people refer to LinkedIn for introductions, to find job opportunities, and to build their professional network or brand. Even if they are introverts with an aversion to networking events, they can still foster meaningful and fulfilling connections with many professionals through LinkedIn.

With both in-the-flesh and online networks there are important do’s and don’ts to have in mind


  • Be ready and willing to make a good impression. This entails being polite and attentive. Be available in times of need, so that people can see you as trustworthy and reliable. Being ready also means having your contact information/business cards easily accessible for in-person gatherings. For online events, have the LinkedIn profile ready to share it.
  • Be honest and as genuine as possible. One thing that can ruin others’ conception of you is seeing you as disingenuour. Be authentic and have sincere conversations  to establish your credibility.
  • Maintain professionalism. Being informal has its time and place, remember that even though these people can become friends, you are still in a professional setting and need to act accordingly. 


  • Rejection is normal, don’t get disheartened. Like in ordinary situations, some people can disappoint during networking. Sometimes,  finding the right match can seem impossible but discouragement is unacceptable. Move on and on to the next one!
  • Don’t forget to listen. Even when you don’t feel like listening,  or are not in the right headspace, people need to know that you care and that their needs and concerns are important to you. Ask questions, share your opinions, and give advice when needed.
  • Oversharing is not recommended. Stay focused and never forget where you are and what is your goal. There are some borders and boundaries that should not be crossed.

After building several relationships, the rest is a natural progression. Your network will become an unbiased advisor that will assist you in making decisions and provide different perspective. Building authentic relationships will encourage your connections to refer to you when they come across a job or a project.  

What’s next

Network expansion takes time and labor, but it is always worth the effort because of the future opportunities, legitimate connections, and relationships that are the backbone of success and development in any professional field. Stay on top of new and productive methods to master the art of networking. Don’t miss out on interconnections that have the potential to turn out essential for your future prospects.

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