How Eid Is Being Commercialised In The UK?

Eid is an important religious occasion for Muslims worldwide, with celebrations taking place after the holy month of Ramadan. In recent years, businesses have started to realise the potential profitability that comes with targeting Muslim consumers during this festive season. With a large proportion of Muslims residing in the UK, it has become an increasingly lucrative market for businesses to capitalise upon.

Eating Places and Franchise Business Models

One area where we can see this commercialisation most prominently is within eating places. Many well-known fast-food chains such as KFC and Nando’s have introduced special promotions during Ramadan and Eid. Local restaurants, too, are adding specific dishes catering towards these festivals.

Furthermore, many franchise business models have been established across different cities throughout Britain, providing halal food options year-round, thus enabling them to attract Muslim customers during festivities and year-round.

Websites Selling Gifts for Eid 

Apart from eateries selling exclusively around Eid time or franchises offering halal food items all year round other types of businesses like online retailers now offer unique products specifically curated, keeping Eid celebration needs in mind – be it clothing or decoratives- they ensure that it is available for everyone celebrating regardless if one resides far away from their home country which makes it difficult when they want traditional gift-giving ceremonies at their own homes.

Some popular websites offer several categories ranging from books about Islam & its teachings; clothes suitable enough yet modestly designed; Islamic perfumes; prayer mats, etcetera, so you may find everything under one roof instead of going out searching store by store individually.

The website caters solely for Ramadan decor materials such as balloon sets, bunting flags, lightings, etcetera, helping people make sure their house looks no less than festive heaven on this special occasion.

Clothes Being Sold by UK Retailer

One area of interest that has seen tremendous growth in recent times is selling clothes for Eid. Many well-known high-street retailers like Next now offer clothing lines tailored around Eid for adults and children, catering to different tastes and preferences. These designers have worked hard to create modest yet fashionable outfits catering to Muslim traditions while incorporating modern fashion.

To conclude, it is clear how businesses are capitalising on the religious event of Eid in order to generate more income by targeting a large market group with high purchasing power. In addition, franchises offering halal food options all year round or eateries providing promotional offers during festive periods, websites curating gifts specifically designed keeping Eid needs in mind, be it decoratives or traditional wear- they ensure there’s something available for everyone celebrating regardless of one resides far away from their home country which makes it difficult when they want traditional gift-giving ceremonies at their own homes. It’s great seeing these changes being made as many Muslims may feel left out during any other time; hence such inclusivity helps them feel accepted into society whilst enabling those who wish to celebrate alongside family & friends to make full use of what’s available commercially too!

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