How to Analyse a Google Search Traffic Decline for Beginners

Have you ever found yourself in a bind, unsure of how to increase traffic for either your site or that of a client? To what extent may seasonality be used as a proxy for the severity of the problem?

It is crucial for marketers to be able to distinguish between genuine traffic decreases and false alarms like malfunctioning tracking or the aforementioned seasonality. It’s important to strike the right balance between reassuring your senior or customer and recommending action.

This post will show you how to validate what happened and figure out why it occurred.

  • Verify the Tracking Code

Start with the simplest part of the process before diving into the research. The purpose of doing so is to ensure that your tracking code is active. Follow these steps in Google Analytics to implement tracking code: go to the Admin menu, choose Tracking Info, and finally click Tracking Code. Verify the header and footer sections to ensure their accuracy. If you need more information, visit the Google Analytics support centre or contact your website’s developer.

  • Results Evaluation Form

Obtaining as much solid data as possible is essential for determining what caused a decline in organic search traffic. As an added bonus, you may accomplish this by accessing your Google Search Console. You may get a bird’s-eye perspective of your site’s traffic performance with the help of this tool’s handy charts and tables. In addition to displaying search results, it may also provide crawl rate, keyword analysis, and page linkages. You should consider these factors when you analyse your data since they might all be contributing to the decline in traffic.

  • Check out the Newest Updates to the Algorithms

Occasionally, Google may update its algorithm to better evaluate websites. One such change is the recent addition of key metrics for the web to our optimization efforts. Your organic search traffic and rankings will suffer if you aren’t keeping up with Google’s algorithm changes. If you want to be in-the-know, you should follow Google on YouTube and Twitter.

Nonetheless, if you don’t catch these improvements, you’ll have to make the appropriate adjustments to your site to remain in Google’s good graces and avoid penalties. There might be a number of variables to examine, but in this situation, it will most likely be your content that needs adjusting.

  • Look Over Recent Changes to Your Page or Site

Sometimes the problem originates because of our own doing. Business growth might need several changes, including a site redesign, migration, and content clear-out. However, if the adjustments are not search engine optimization (SEO) friendly, your site’s organic search traffic might drop.

Links and pictures often become inaccessible, material disappears, and load times become unacceptable. Careful forethought in upgrading a page or website is the greatest answer to this problem. As the old adage goes, prevention is always preferable than treatment.

  • Detect Potential Connectivity Problems

Visibility and natural search traffic both benefit greatly from backlinks. And if you do manage to misplace them, it might lead to a precipitous decline. If you lose a lot of links, Google may conclude that your site is no longer credible. As a result, both your Google page rank and the number of visitors to your site will drop precipitously.


When you consider how much effort you put in to building that audience, a sudden decline in traffic might be discouraging. And the potential drop in conversion rates just makes matters worse. That website upkeep and enhancement is a never-ending job is further reinforced.

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