How to Choose the Right MT3 Series Compact Tractor for Your Needs

Owning a tractor makes working your farm much simpler, saving time and effort from manual labour. But how can you select the appropriate one for you?

Before purchasing a tractor, consider first your acreage and available attachments that could help.


Your property size and job needs will help determine which tractor will best meet them. Smaller tractors tend to be easier to maneuver around tight spots; making them an excellent option for mowing grass or accessing sheds or garages.

If you have a larger property and would like to increase the scope of your work on it, a full size compact tractor could be just what’s needed to get things done. These powerful machines come with increased horsepower and superior lift capacities than subcompact tractors – they can manage implements up to 4′ long while offering front loader lift ratings up to 2,200lbs at pivot pins.

LS TRACTOR MT3 SERIES, compact tractor offers a variety of sizes and features to choose from.

LS offers several sizes of compact tractors in both cab and ROPS versions, offering premium features such as premium seats, flat operator platforms and 4×4 drive to make them enjoyable to use for any task. They’re an excellent solution for home and ranch owners, small acreage hobby farmers as well as light commercial users alike.


Tractor hydraulic systems give them the strength needed to lift and dig. To select a tractor suitable to your needs, it is essential that you consider which attachments you plan on using and their specific GPM requirements as well as engine horsepower requirements for specific tasks.

A dealership can assist in selecting the appropriate tractor size and horsepower needed to complete your task. They will steer you toward a model suited for your size needs; remembering not all larger is better; while also providing insight on which horsepower requirement depends upon the size and type of work to be accomplished on your property.

They will discuss various transmission options with you, such as two-wheel drive versus four-wheel drive models, which will impact how well the tractor performs on your terrain and whether or not it is safe to operate on slopes.


As soon as you begin searching for a tractor, one of the first tasks should be determining its purpose. From mow lawns and moving heavy equipment around your property to hauling loads of hay or digging out after snowstorms – knowing your tasks should be your starting point when selecting your ideal model.

Consideration should also be given to your property size and terrain when making a selection decision. For large plots that are heavily wooded, larger tractors provide enough power and capabilities for undertaking your tasks successfully.

Transmission is another critical consideration when purchasing an MT3 series motorcycle. Some models feature manual transmission with clutch pedal activation for changing speeds and directions; other models provide power shuttle that shifts gears without the need for clutch pedal use; our MT3 series offers both options to help find you your ideal match more quickly.


Tractor purchases can be significant investments, so it makes sense to select one with care. Our Tractor Buyer’s Guide will assist in understanding key specifications, features and questions to ask when searching for the right tractor for your acreage.

Horsepower should be one of the primary criteria to consider when selecting a new tractor. A higher horsepower model is preferable for larger tasks such as tilling large gardens and transporting heavy equipment, while for smaller tasks a lower horsepower tractor may suffice.

Look for a tractor with double live hydraulic outlets to accommodate various modern farm attachments, and choose R-4 (industrial) tires as these puncture resistant treads last longer. While R-4 tires provide less traction in mud or side hills than turf tires do.

Speak to a tractor dealer near you. They have extensive landowner experience and can recommend the perfect tractor and attachments to help get more done faster on your property.

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