How to Resolve Discord Connection Problems

The inability to exchange messages and access most of the content previously downloaded onto the app can be pretty annoying if Discord fails to connect successfully upon launch. The most typical indicator that your Discord login is not functioning is a repeated “Connecting” animation. However, you may also encounter connection issues while attempting to use third-party connections or when sending and receiving messages.

Causes of Discord Not Functioning Correctly

The inability to connect to Discord is typically due to technical issues on Discord’s end, such as large traffic volumes or internet connectivity issues on your device. Customized internet settings and corrupted app data may potentially contribute to Discord login connection issues.

How to Resolve Discord Connection Errors

Here are the most effective solutions to the Discord connection error and disconnection issues, ordered from easiest to the most complex.

Examine Discord’s state. Discord or some of its services could be unavailable. allows you to check the current status of Discord at any moment. Unfortunately, the only option in this situation is to wait.

Examine your Internet connectivity. It is possible that your smartphone is out of reach or that your internet access is temporarily unavailable. The quickest approach to do this is to launch another app that requires an internet connection, such as Facebook or Twitter, and test its functionality.

Disable Airplane Mode. You may have inadvertently activated Airplane Mode, or it may still be active after a recent journey, as it can prevent all cellular and internet connections.

Temporarily block Wi-Fi connectivity. Your iPhone or Android app may be connected to a slow Wi-Fi connection. Disable Wi-Fi to utilize your phone connection and see if that improves your Discord connection.

Close the application properly and reopen it. Close the Discord application, wait several seconds, and then relaunch it. This can generate a potential working connection to Discord.

Update the Discord application. If your application is giving you a Discord connection problem, it may require an update to connect to the Discord servers.

Upgrade your system’s operating system. In addition to improving your device’s security and performance, a system update can frequently fix any internet connectivity issues. Restart your device. Restarting a computer, an Android smartphone or tablet, or an iOS device is a simple solution that is known to resolve a range of technical problems, including connectivity problems.

Check the service of the third party. If Discord is unable to connect to another service, such as Spotify, Xbox, or Twitch, click Connections from the main app menu and verify that the account has been correctly linked. You may have to re-add the connection. There is also the possibility that the service is suffering a brief server outage. Their official Twitter account should inform you if such an event occurs.

If you’re unable to access an external service or feature from within a Discord chat, likely, the chat you’re using does not support connectivity to the service you’re attempting to access. Your community’s FAQ, About, or Welcome post should include a comprehensive list of the supported chatbot commands.

Resolve issues with the Discord app. If you are running Windows 11, right-click the Discord application icon in File Explorer and select Show additional options > Troubleshoot compatibility. This will examine your device and the application’s files for faults and attempt to correct them.

Disable proxy server settings. Using a proxy server may impair a Discord connection. Ensure that the use of a proxy server is disabled in Settings – Network & Internet – Proxy on Windows. On an iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings – Wi-Fi -HTTP Proxy – Configure Proxy to disable the Proxy. Navigate to Settings – Wi-Fi – network name – edit – Advanced Options on Android. Apple > System Preferences > Network > network name > Advanced > Proxies on the Mac.

Deactivate your VPN settings. Using a VPN can also interfere with Discord, so try temporarily disabling it on your device.

Change the DNS servers in use. Set the Recommended DNS Server to and the Alternate DNS Server to, and then determine if this resolves the Discord connection issue. If this does not work, you must restore your DNS server settings to their previous state.

Uninstall Discord and reinstall it. If Discord is still stuck on the joining screen, try removing and reinstalling the application.

All of your discussions will be preserved if you use the same account to log in after reinstallation.

Try the web-based Discord client. If everything else fails, you can access Discord through its website, which is compatible with any web browser. If the web version is also inoperable, the issue is most likely with Discord itself, and you will need to wait for it to return online.

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