How to watch Your Favorite British Shows in Australia

British shows boast an impressive array of incredible stories that have captivated audiences worldwide. From the thrilling science fiction adventures of Doctor Who to the captivating world of aristocracy in Slow Horses, these beloved British shows have amassed a massive and dedicated following. 

Here are some of the top British shows to stream in in Australia:

Slow Horses

Slow Horses is a thrilling British television series based on the popular spy novels by Mick Herron. Set in the world of British intelligence, the show takes us on a gripping journey with a group of spies who have been relegated to a department known as Slough House.

The series follows the lives of these “slow horses,” a term used to describe agents who have made major mistakes in the field and are now deemed expendable. Instead of engaging in high-stakes missions, they find themselves performing mundane administrative tasks under the watchful eye of their boss, Jackson Lamb, played by a brilliant ensemble cast.

At the heart of Slow Horses is the character-driven narrative, exploring the complexities and vulnerabilities of these flawed yet compelling individuals. Each character brings a unique set of skills, quirks, and baggage, creating a dynamic and engaging ensemble. As the story unfolds, we witness their personal struggles, fractured relationships, and the constant desire for redemption.

Karen Pirie

Karen Pirie is a Scottish detective who is skilled at solving cold cases. The TV adaptation of Val McDermid’s novels brings her intriguing stories to life. Look for this series on streaming services that offer British dramas or crime shows.

Karen Pirie is a British television series based on the popular novels by acclaimed crime writer Val McDermid. The show revolves around the eponymous character, Karen Pirie, a skilled and determined Scottish detective who specializes in solving cold cases.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Scotland, the series follows Karen Pirie as she unravels complex mysteries, delving into long-forgotten crimes and unearthing hidden secrets. With her sharp intellect, keen intuition, and relentless pursuit of justice, Karen becomes a formidable force in the world of criminal investigations.

What sets Karen Pirie apart is the depth and complexity of the character herself. As viewers, we become emotionally invested in her journey, rooting for her triumphs and empathizing with her challenges.


Extraordinary is a heartwarming comedy-drama that follows a group of young adults with intellectual disabilities. To watch this uplifting series, you can explore streaming platforms that feature diverse and inclusive content.

This Is Going to Hurt

Based on the memoir by Adam Kay, This Is Going to Hurt is a darkly humorous and poignant portrayal of life as a junior doctor in the UK’s National Health Service. Check if this series is available on platforms like Stan, Foxtel, or BBC iPlayer in Australia.

The Responder

The Responder is a gripping police drama set in Liverpool. It follows the life of a dedicated and troubled officer working the night shift. Look for this intense series on platforms that offer British crime dramas.


Starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, Time is a compelling prison drama that explores the lives of two men on different sides of the law. Check streaming services that offer British dramas or crime shows for this captivating series.

I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You is a thought-provoking drama series that tackles themes of consent, trauma, and identity. It has received widespread acclaim for its honest and compelling storytelling. Look for this groundbreaking series on platforms that offer a diverse range of British dramas.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is an iconic British science fiction TV series of a time-traveling doctor .it that has captivated audiences for decades. Created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber, and Donald Wilson, the show first aired in 1963 and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. This unique concept allows the character to be portrayed by various actors over the years, each bringing their own interpretation to the role. 


Fleabag is a critically acclaimed comedy-drama created by and starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The series follows the witty and complex life of the central character, known as Fleabag. To watch this award-winning series in Australia, you can check if it’s available on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Stan.

Black Books

Black Books is a hilarious sitcom that centers around the misanthropic and eccentric owner of a bookshop, played by Dylan Moran. This series offers a unique blend of humor and quirky characters. To watch this comedic gem in Australia, you can explore streaming platforms that feature British sitcoms or comedies.

The Crown

The Crown is a critically acclaimed historical drama that chronicles the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. This majestic series provides a fascinating insight into the personal and political challenges faced by the British royal family. Look for this regal series on platforms like Netflix or Foxtel.

In conclusion, Australian viewers have various options to watch their favorite British shows. Whether you prefer streaming platforms, purchasing DVD box sets, or exploring online retailers, you can immerse yourself in the captivating worlds of shows like Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and many more. So grab your remote or log in to your favorite streaming service and enjoy the best of British television from the comfort of your home. Happy watching!


In conclusion, if you’re an Australian viewer eager to watch British shows on BBC iPlayer, but face the restriction of it being available only in the UK, there is a solution: using a VPN which allows you to mask your IP address and appear as if you’re browsing from a different location, in this case, the UK.

It’s important to note that while using a VPN is a popular method to access geo-restricted content, it’s essential to comply with the terms of service of both the provider and BBC iPlayer. Additionally, the availability and effectiveness may vary over time, so it’s recommended to choose a reputable VPN service.

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