How WOW! & YouTube TV Are Revolutionizing the Viewing Experience

Cable TV services are expensive in the USA. Studies show that it is costlier than other utility costs in a household. The subscribers are frustrated with the high cable TV costs and want to switch to a better alternative. Thanks to Youtube TV that aids in curtailing costs. Additionally, it gives access to more features than present cable TV subscriptions. The best part about switching to YouTube TV is accessing favorite channels and paying only for those channels. The internet and the live streaming platform are transforming the television viewing experience.

What is YouTube TV?

It is a live television streaming platform with millions of paid subscribers, the platform. The live streaming TV platform is gradually emerging as a popular alternative to cable TV subscriptions. It offers 85 or more conventional broadcast and cable channels, like FOX, ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc., making YouTube TV an ideal option. Furthermore, it is the only television streaming platform that includes PBS stations and content despite the tough competition from similar television streaming platforms.

Supports a Variety of Streaming Devices

The compelling feature of YouTube TV is the support it offers to different varieties of streaming devices. Whether a subscriber uses an Apple TV, an Android TV, a Fire TV, or Chromecast, YouTube TV covers it all. Subscribers with smart televisions manufactured from 2016 onwards enjoy the content from YouTube TV as well. What sets Youtube TV apart from other competitors is that it is the only live television streaming platform that is available on Playstations (PS4 and 4 Pro). Thus, YouTube TV is an ideal choice for ardent gaming enthusiasts.

Free Cloud-Based DVR Storage

Most television streaming platforms recordings show for offline viewing, but they charge additional fees or offer limited storage. The unlimited and free cloud-based DVR storage makes YouTube TV a standout alternative for subscribers. YouTube live streaming TV platform enables subscribers to record as much content as they desire and store it for nine months. The highlighting feature of the television streaming platform is that it allows a person to rewind, pause, and fast-forward every recorded content, irrespective of the network connection. It indicates that the streaming television platform doesn’t let its subscribers miss out on anything. The subscribers can watch their favorite shows at their convenience.

User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, navigating YouTube TV is hassle-free. The light grey or white interface across all devices makes the interface uniform and easy to use. Subscribers find three tabs:

1.      Home

2.      Library

3.      Live

The library features all the new episodes, recordings, sports, events, most watched shows, etc. If a subscriber wants to include a new show or content, he should press the ‘+’ next to the content, and the platform automatically records. The Library tab is the most pivotal feature of the Youtube TV platform.

How is YouTube TV Cost-Effective?

YouTube TV offers free and unlimited cloud-based DVR storage. A subscriber can enjoy three continuous streams, making it a multi-viewing platform. s Unlike traditional cable TV subscriptions, the YouTube TV streaming platform doesn’t demand installation charges. The ability to cancel the subscription anytime without penalties is one of the compelling aspects of Youtube TV. The range of flexibility that YouTube TV offers is beyond comparison, and traditional cable TV subscriptions don’t stand a chance.

How to Use the Streaming Platform?

Switching to YouTube TV is simple. The foremost feature is to have reliable and high-speed internet. The next step includes signing up for the subscription via Google Accounts. During the sign-up, YouTube confirms the home location to make options for local broadcasts. After successful sign-up, an individual downloads the app on the supported device to enjoy content. The final step includes setting up the DVR to enjoy the library content.


Switching to Youtube TV offers an extensive list of features and significantly cuts the cost of cable bills. The world is gradually shifting to digital streaming platforms, and YouTube TV is a popular choice. The tailor-made viewing experience of the streaming platform is gaining immense attention from the world. In the world of evolving technology, switching to YouTube TV is a wise decision, bringing a new level of convenience to experience entertainment at an affordable cost.

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