Jodie Comer: Embracing Emotional Connections in “The End We Start From”

Jodie Comer, the versatile 30-year-old actress known for her compelling performances, is back on the screen, this time in the survival film The End We Start From, directed by Mahalia Belo. In a recent interview, Comer opened up about her approach to selecting roles and the unique experience of working on an indie film.

Seeking Emotional Connection in Scripts

For Jodie Comer, the key to accepting a role lies in emotional resonance. Whether it’s the thrill of navigating flooding and civil unrest in The End We Start From or embodying the enigmatic Villanelle in Killing Eve, she seeks scripts that evoke a visceral response. “I want to be moved, I want to feel invigorated, I want to feel energized by the thought of telling the story, and I want to feel emotionally connected,” she emphasized. Comer’s visceral approach to choosing roles is rooted in her desire for new self-discoveries and a break from repetition.

The Indie Film Challenge

Comer expressed her enthusiasm for the challenges posed by indie films. In The End We Start From, she found a refreshing departure from mainstream productions. “People are making this for the love of it,” she noted, highlighting the passion and dedication she witnessed in the indie film community. This experience added a new dimension to her career, broadening her perspective on the diverse landscape of filmmaking.

Villanelle and Career Standards

After her groundbreaking role as Villanelle in Killing Eve, Comer raised the bar for her career expectations. The character demanded fearlessness and a willingness to commit fully to the role. Reflecting on her experience, Comer acknowledged that playing Villanelle stretched her out of her comfort zone. Now, when evaluating potential roles, she seeks challenges that will push her boundaries and ignite her creativity.

Truthful Portrayal of Motherhood

In The End We Start From, Comer takes on the role of a mother fleeing a flooded London with her newborn baby. Despite not having firsthand experience with motherhood, she felt a profound responsibility to depict it truthfully. The challenges of accurately portraying the labor scene and understanding the instincts of a new parent underscored the depth of Comer’s commitment to her craft.

A Sense of Responsibility on Set

Filming scenes with newborns brought an added layer of responsibility to Comer’s role. Acting alongside infants aged eight weeks to eight months, she embraced the meticulous attention to detail required. Learning to hold and care for the babies, Comer navigated this responsibility with dedication, ensuring an authentic portrayal of the challenges faced by her character.

In conclusion, Jodie Comer’s interview sheds light on her commitment to roles that forge emotional connections, her newfound appreciation for indie filmmaking, and the standards she sets for herself post-Killing Eve. As she continues to evolve as an actress, her dedication to authenticity and willingness to embrace challenges are evident in her diverse and captivating performances.

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