Most Expected IT Events in 2023

2023 is here, and COVID is all but over as events are live, and companies are gearing up to showcase their latest hardware and products, including companies that belong to the casino industry.

If you want to view or go to these events or like those on Verde Casino read on, and we will show you the most anticipated IT events of the year.

1. CES 2023

This event is happening from January 5 to 8. The venue is in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is one of the biggest tech events in the world. It is a gathering of the biggest companies that have something new to offer.

Here are some examples of what to expect:

  • New phones
  • New technology like 5G
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital Marketing progress 
  • Self-driving cars and other forms of automation

One can see many types of technology here, like food technology, gadgets, and machines for manufacturing. There are also public speaking engagements where the attendees can learn new things about the future of technology or trends.

Organizations can send their Chief Technology Officers to this event to find out what new technologies are there that can improve their products and operations.


This event is happening in Austin, Texas, from March 10 to 19. It is a summit for professionals in the creative industry. At this conference, people can see new technologies or breakthroughs in the creative industry.

Here are some examples:

  • Film making
  • Culture and events
  • Game development

There are keynote speakers who will grace the event. Right now, there are talks that Barack Obama and Olivia Wilde will be at the event.

The 2023 event will have the following themes:

  • Cannabis – people will explore the opportunities of what to do with cannabis businesses. They will also talk about the challenges, ideas, and products that people can do. There will also be a showcase of the art of cannabis food and its pairing.
  • Climate Change – this issue is the focus of the event from March 10 to 13. People will be talking about the consequences of soaring temperatures and what is happening to our rising oceans. Some will discuss ways how to mitigate global warming.

The event will also cover culture. Here, attendees will witness the highlights of what is going on in visual arts, dance, literature, and even human sexuality.

3. RSA Conference 2023

This event is a short one, as it will commence on the 24th of April and end on the 27th. The RSA Conference will happen in San Francisco, California.

The heart of the matter is security, considering that RSA is a security company. They will dedicate three days to discussing the latest trends in security. There will be interactive programs and learning labs. Some can participate in breakout groups and training sessions.

At this conference, you can build a network of leaders in the security industry. You can also buy products and save a lot of money, considering that a lot of security companies are likely to offer their products on sale.

The event also has what they call the RSAC Launch Pad. It is a segment where they give a platform to rising companies or new companies that want to venture into the security tech industry.

4. Black Hat USA

This event will happen from August 5 to 10, and the venue is in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is one of the most anticipated events in the cybersecurity industry. You can choose to attend the face-to-face conference or join the virtual seminars.

Here are the things to expect:

  • Training sessions
  • Virtual events
  • Business halls and sales
  • Keynote speeches
  • Business activities

The Black Hat event is not exclusive to the USA. They have lined up the same events in other countries like Singapore and the UK.

For the US, they will launch a hybrid event experience. Those who participate can expect to learn new trends and threats in the cybersecurity industry.

The training will happen from August 6 to 9, and these are interactive sessions. The speakers and trainers here are experts from different parts of the world. Attendees will learn how to build an offense and defense against hackers.

By August 10, there will be briefings. These briefings will happen on both face-to-face and virtual events. There is also a business hall you can network with thousands of professionals in the infosec industry. You can visit booths and take a look at the most recent developments in cybersecurity.


These events prove that people are hard at work in developing new technologies. You can now book these events in your calendar. Some of them are free, and some are paid, so make the best choice.

If you belong to a company, you must plan your visit or attendance accordingly. Choose an event where 

you can see new products that will benefit your organization.

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