Offline advertising and energy saving: LEDwall is the solution

With the rise of technology and its constant innovations, companies today certainly have more resources at their disposal to reach their potential customers.

Differently from the past, where only paper and mass media were among the options, today the presence of social and search engines makes things much easier. This does not detract, however, from the fact that offline advertising continues to be a valuable resource, both for acquiring new customers and for retaining existing ones. In this context, digital and traditional therefore come together to create a new way of advertising via LED screens.

Ledwall: another way of offline advertising

In recent times, we have been hearing more and more about LEDwalls. These are LED displays placed in strategic locations inside or outside commercial activities that can transmit digital content, such as images and videos, synchronously or delayed. An example of how this can happen is the Macropix ledwall and led display, which also combines energy saving and sustainability.

Characteristics of LEDwalls

The most striking feature of LED walls is their size. Although there may also be smaller screens, LEDwalls are known for their huge size. In fact, they are very often used for sports and music events that require to be viewed from long distances. These can be positioned like pieces of a digital jigsaw puzzle without showing signs of joints between one piece and another. This also contributes to the extraordinary visual experience that these devices are able to offer, always sharp and brilliant at any time of day and in any light condition.

The other fundamental characteristic is immediacy, both in terms of starting and changing the content and in terms of getting the message to the consumer. Corporate communication will always be prompt, according to needs and objectives, attracting the attention of a wide audience. These devices, which are essential in digital signage, therefore offer an impressive visual experience to consumers who are literally overwhelmed and involved by the dynamism and interactivity of the message displayed on the screen. But the greatest advantage of these screens is their sustainability in environmental terms thanks to their low energy consumption.

LED screens between energy and environment

LEDwalls can be placed both inside and outside a business or company, and for this reason they are particularly suitable for any type of information or entertainment that you want to broadcast. It is no coincidence, in fact, that we can find these big screens practically everywhere, from small shops to stadiums. LED displays are highly valued for their technology that allows them to offer the highest image quality with a minimum of energy expenditure. Their use, therefore, is a good way to reduce corporate energy costs without sacrificing punchy advertising.LED walls are also very durable and hard-wearing, which means that they require less maintenance and enable the costs of producing and printing new advertising material to be cut. With these digital devices, in fact, it only takes a few clicks via smartphone or laptop to edit and insert new content, manage it and monitor it whenever and however desired.

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