Online casino games guide for beginners

Online casinos offer thousands of gambling entertainment. These are slots, card and table games, various lotteries, etc. From what the casino has, you can choose from many options. If you want to learn more about different casino games and the best Arab online casinos, visit, there you will find the extended information about online gambling in the Middle East and North Africa.

Gambling entertainment is divided into several categories.

Slot machines

Slots, or slot machines, are the most popular casino games. The first devices were mechanical, modern ones are completely electronic. They include a screen on which the reels spin. The user’s task is to collect a winning combination of identical symbols. Online slots imitate land-based machines. They are based on Flash and HTML5 technologies, so they can be opened from any device without downloading.

Slot machines differ in themes, the number of lines and reels, the level of return, etc. Their main types:

  • Classic. Analogues of devices designed for the first gambling establishments. They include three reels, as well as a small number of lines. Standard symbols: images of fruits, card suits, bells, sevens. There are thematic devices with corresponding pictures. Some include bonus features and jackpot.
  • 3D. They are distinguished by complex graphics, special effects, detailed images. This promotes user engagement. Some devices include unusual multi-level bonuses. Topics can be anything. Popular: history, ancient Egypt, adventure, movies, etc.
  • Progressive. In terms of mechanics, they are practically no different from other devices. The feature is a progressive prize pool, which is made up of users’ bets and grows every minute. You can hit the jackpot in the main mode or in special rounds.

Slots differ in the number of reels. In classical ones, there are from three to five, but modern devices can include seven or nine coils. The number of paylines is also different. Some slots have hundreds and even thousands of ways to form winning combinations.

Slots work on the basis of a random number generator. The program determines the results of the rotations even before the user presses the button. The outcomes are truly random and impossible to predict.

The peculiarity of slots is that representatives of the casino do not participate in the process. The user spins the reels. If a combination of identical symbols appears on the screen, he receives a payout. The winnings can significantly exceed the size of the bet.

Table games and card games

Card table games are also popular among users. There are different types of poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc. They differ in winning combinations, number of hands, payout ratios, etc. At the same time, basic rules apply in all types.

Among table games, roulette is especially popular. In it, the player needs to guess where the ball will fall. There are several varieties of roulette. They differ in the number of sectors. The advantage of the operator in them is also different.


Poker is a game that can be played by two or more people at the same time. Depending on the type, entertainment includes several phases. First, players make bets. Also in each phase, new cards are dealt. By receiving them, the player decides whether he bets further or ends the session. The winner will be the one who has collected the best combination.

Unlike other gambling entertainment, the results in poker depend not only on luck, but also on psychological factors and intellectual abilities.

Black Jack

Card game with simple rules. First, players make bets. The croupier then gives them two cards each. Each of them has a certain number of points. The player must collect 21 points or as close as possible to this number. You are allowed to take any number of cards.

If the visitor has more than 21 points, he wins, if less, he loses, the operator receives his bet.


Speaking about what games are in the casino, any user will remember roulette. In it, bets are made on where the ball will fall. There are 2 main types of roulette – European and American. In the first case, the wheel is divided into 37 sectors: numbers from 1 to 36 and 9. During the game, the dealer throws the ball onto the spinning drum. After the rotation stops, it stops in any cell. Her number will be winning.

The difference between American roulette is the presence of sector 00 (double zero). This increases the operator’s profit and makes it less profitable for the player.


Craps, or dice, is one of the oldest forms of gambling. Players place bets on what number will come up after rolling one or more dice. The user’s chances are 50/50. If a number is greater than that of the opponent, he wins, if less, he loses.


Keno is a discipline with elements of a lottery. It includes 80 numbered balls and a game sheet. It contains up to 20 numbers. The device then randomly dispenses up to 20 balls with numbers written on them. The more numbers matched, the greater the winning amount. The disadvantage is the high advantage of the operator, which can reach 66%.


This game is similar to blackjack. Participants receive two cards. Their task is to collect a combination equal to nine, or a close number of points. If the sum of the first two cards is less than five, the user is given a third. Bets are placed on the player, on the pot or on a draw.


In bingo, players are given cards with a set of numbers. Then the lottery drum is launched with balls on which numbers are applied. They drop randomly. If the number that appears is on the player’s card, he indicates it. To win, you need to match one of the possible combinations: from top to bottom, diagonally, in a column, etc. If this happens, the participant calls out “Bingo!”.

Lotteries with random numbers

The lottery is a gambling game in which the results are completely random. This entertainment attracts with the opportunity to receive large sums. The result depends on whether the numbers in the lottery ticket match those in the draw. Although the chances of a large payout are small, many decide to try their luck. Unlike other types of gambling disciplines, lotteries are legal in most countries and are not considered a cause of gambling addiction.

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