Spotlight on excellence in oncology care at Germany’s cancer hospitals

The high German healthcare level allows medical tourists to expect the best treatment results even in the most serious cases. Leading German hospitals willingly accept foreign patients. You can also use the services of the best doctors in the world by visiting the Booking Health website. Through this service you can find out prices and make an appointment for treatment on convenient dates, as well as get help in organizing your trip.

How to choose a hospital

Choosing which hospital to go to depends on your diagnosis and the severity of your illness.

For example, stage 4 cancer treatment will be more effective at the best cancer hospital in Germany. You should choose one of the university hospitals that have advanced equipment, apply innovative methods, and have the most reputable doctors in Germany on their staff. Booking Health specialists will help you to get admitted to the top cancer center, depending on your diagnosis, as different clinics specialize and have outstanding achievements in different areas of oncology.

If your budget is limited, you can visit one of the municipal clinics. The cost of services here is lower and the quality of care may be similar, especially in situations where you do not need innovative techniques. For example, if you need chemotherapy for cancer or laparoscopic surgery for cholecystitis.

Some groups of diseases are treated in highly specialized private clinics. Here you will find comfort, minimal waiting time for the start of the program, quality service and care. In Germany there are private hospitals specializing in plastic surgery, reproductive surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, urology (treatment of prostate adenoma, urinary incontinence, etc.), sports medicine. Some private hospitals use unique techniques that have been developed recently and are not available in most other clinics.

Finding out what treatments are available at different hospitals

For example, let’s say you need proton therapy for cancer. You cannot go to any hospital and request this procedure because it is only available in six clinics in Germany. And three of them have only fixed gentri for treating brain and eye tumors, and if you need radiation for tumors in other parts of the body, the choice is limited to just three clinics.

While common medical procedures are available at most medical centers, some types of surgeries and procedures are not widely available. It may take you a long time to find a hospital that has the techniques you need, as specific procedures require specialized, expensive equipment and trained medical staff.

How do I find out where to get a specific medical service? The Booking Health website will help you. You can use the search bar to enter your diagnosis and the desired treatment method. You can quickly find out where minimally invasive aortic valve replacement is performed, where prostate cancer is treated with focused ultrasound, where dendritic cells are used, or where laser ablation of a brain tumor is performed under MRI guidance.

Haven’t found the right procedure for you? Then leave a request on the Booking Health website. Our advisors will find the right clinic for you and call you to offer the best options for treatment abroad.

You’ve selected a clinic: what next?

It is good if you know where you want to be treated. But then there is a complicated process of organizing the trip. Many people face such problems as lack of communication with the clinic, waiting too long for treatment, language barrier, etc.

The Booking Health team will help you to solve all these problems. We will contact the clinic, make an appointment for you, shorten the waiting time for the start of the treatment, make an appointment with the right doctor, and provide the comfort you need. We will provide you with an interpreter, book air tickets, organize transfers from the airport to the clinic and back after the medical program. Our staff will accompany you to the clinic, help you to solve any questions and difficulties that may arise, and after completion of the treatment will ensure a quick and trouble-free return of the unspent funds.

With Booking Health your treatment abroad will become not only easier and faster. The cost of medical services will be reduced due to the exclusion of additional fees for foreign patients. And you will also get insurance that will protect you from unexpected medical expenses. Therefore, the initial price of the program will definitely not increase, because in case of need for additional procedures, their cost will be covered by the insurance company.

To choose a clinic and get help in organizing your trip to Germany, visit the Booking Health website and leave a request online. We will solve all organizational issues, thus saving you from unnecessary worries and giving you the opportunity to focus solely on restoring your health.

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