Stainless steel restaurant equipment: professional, high-quality

Stainless steel restaurant equipment is an auxiliary furniture element of any professional kitchen. These include cabinets, washstands, tables, and racks, as well as exhaust hoods and other stainless steel restaurant equipment, which in modern design is increasingly replacing plastic and wooden counterparts. Due to its functionality and reliability, such products for restaurants, bars, and other catering establishments harmoniously fit into the interior of any professional kitchen. This not only eliminates the need to connect to the mains but also makes such equipment incredibly easy and practical to use.

Functional stainless steel kitchen equipment 

Nowadays, stainless steel restaurant equipment of high quality can be considered the basis of the design of any professional kitchen area, so the successful owners of many catering establishments focus on high-quality furniture for cafes, canteens, and restaurants. Modern furniture is created taking into account modern trends, due to which, in addition to excellent performance, the furniture elements additionally perform an aesthetic function. Laconic furniture looks perfect in a wide variety of interiors, so it will be the most successful completion of any design.

In addition, professional stainless steel kitchen furniture has a number of advantages:

  • universality;
  • fast cleaning without significant risk of surface damage;
  • full compliance with hygienic and sanitary standards;
  • increased strength and wear resistance.

Stainless steel kitchen equipment – recommendations on how to choose

When purchasing furniture, first of all, you need to decide on the requirements for the service life. Good table products are made of materials of the highest quality – this will ensure hygiene in the kitchen. They are the best for restaurant supply. In order to reduce the cost, stainless steel restaurant equipment is made with a frame made of steel painted with a polymer coating.

In producing stainless steel furniture, the following steel grades are most often used: AISI 304 and 430. The service life of the equipment primarily depends on the steel grade, so for equipment made of AISI 430 steel it is approximately 5-6 years, and for AISI 304 steel, which has high nickel content, more than 10 years, such long-term operation is achieved due to high corrosion resistance.

When choosing stainless steel furniture, you should also take into account the quality of the components – wheels on trolleys, the presence of adjustable legs, swing door hinges in cabinets, shelves, and tables-pedestals.

Very often, equipment with the same name has significant design features and differences. For example, tables can be closed and open, with or without a shelf, with or without doors, and with or without a rim. Due to this range, each specific model can be installed where it will be convenient.

For cutting meat, it is better to use tables whose top is made of food-grade polypropylene since this material is neutral to aggressive environments and moisture resistant.

For food storage rooms and kitchen areas, modular shelving will be an excellent solution, allowing you to build a single shelving structure that will be more stable and cheaper than using separate shelving. You can buy stainless steel online and create your own modular shelving.

For the near-wall arrangement of the equipment, it is recommended to use sinks and tables with a board. Equipment without a border is more suitable for island kitchens.

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