The Aesthetics of Sanctuary Church Chairs

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Chairs for a church sanctuary are crucial in elevating the church’s look. They are part of the aesthetics and are an excellent way to attract new members while giving the old members a cool worship place.  More churches are moving away from the pews and are looking for something different. 

Getting suitable church chairs can be overwhelming. You have to consider different factors.  Keep in mind what the old and the new generation would love.  The appearance, comfort, budget, and overall value of the chair are essential before making your choice.

Adapting your sanctuary design and style

A sanctuary could be used for daily worship, children’s church, and other community events.  Everything that is part of it, such as the acoustics, lighting, and sound systems, including Сhurch sanctuary chairs, need to be functional.  

Adapting to sanctuary design and style implies different things. Depending on the church design, you might go for a traditional or contemporary look.  A mixture of both is even better.

Since church seats come in different designs, how you would love to arrange the chair should contribute to the design you choose. Are you going for a modern auditorium or a traditional wood pew seat arrangement?

 If the church has enough storage space, you may want to consider stacking chairs. They are great for freeing up space and allowing the church to accommodate more people.

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding style and design:

  • Chairs for a church sanctuary are easily customizable. Don’t limit yourself when choosing.
  • Consider the durability and the space in the room. Determine how many people attend the church service to know the number of chairs to buy.
  • Wooden and upholstered seating is a good combination. The wooden part adds a traditional appearance, while the upholstery provides comfort during the long worshipping hours.
  • If you want to maintain a pew-like structure, use linking clips to connect the chairs in a row temporarily.

Improvement to our worship space’s overall design and ambiance

Church chairs should meet the unique demands of a worship center.  Believers need an easy time listening and connecting to musicians, speakers, and worship leaders.  A comfortable seat is one way to enhance this experience.

The chairs should complement other furniture and decor in the church. The different aspects like texture, color, design symmetry, and contrast should match with other elements of the church. 

A great ambiance is vital in connecting people to God and each other as it offers a communal feeling. By improving the ambiance, you serve the greater community. The little details in the chair can make a fundamental difference in improving the ambiance.  Always look out for:

  • Frame: Don’t settle for any old wood. Go for frames made from hardwood such as oak, ash, and beech. These woods are high quality and take a long time to wear out.  The contemporary ones are strong and lightweight, with pressed plywood constructions.
  • Fabric: Most church chairs are upholstered. Always be keen on the fabric used. The fabric can be standard, treated, or premium.  You can find different finishes like soft faux leathers, wool blends, and luxury velvets.
  • Ergonomics: If you don’t want upholstered chairs, you can opt for ergonomic yet comfortable ones. They are curved and shaped to support the body.
  • Armrests: An excellent feature if you have older people in the congregation.

Tips on matching church chairs to other furniture

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Apart from the chair, the church has other furniture like the pulpit, lectern, kneelers, communion tables, book trolleys, and sometimes a font.  Here are tips to ensure you end up matching furniture:

  • Consider the staining options.  They come in different varieties, from lighter to darker. If most furniture has darker stains, go for darker-stained chairs. If they are light, go for lighter furniture.
  • Buy church chairs at the same time you are buying other furniture. This will allow for every item to match and complement each other, offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  •  Look for the features of the church that will remain after your take out the furniture. This includes the windows, the shape of the building, and the wood trim color. You’ll then get ideas to match your church pews and other furniture.

The furniture should be decorative and functional. If possible, let the chairs match the building’s interior.

Concluding remarks

Sanctuary church chairs form a considerable part of aesthetics.  No matter what seats you choose, ensure that everyone entering the worship place feels it’s holy. Worshippers need to feel a sense of belonging. A combination of contemporary and traditional designs is an excellent way to ensure different audiences in the church are catered for.  

Take your time before making a purchase and ask the congregation about their preferences. Lastly, always remember comfort, durability, and style when settling for any chair.

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