The Benefits of Kidde Fire Suppression Systems

Kidde offers cutting-edge fire detection/suppression & gas leak detection products designed to keep both people and property secure. Their complete selection of clean agent fire suppression systems such as Novec and FM-200 include waterless total flood type delivery system platforms for total flooding suppression systems.

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1. Detection

Kidde offers an extensive range of reliable detection and suppression systems designed to meet most industrial applications’ standard fire detection requirements. The laser-based high-sensitivity smoke detectors are engineered to detect fire in its initial stage, thus minimizing nuisance alarms or false activations incidents that might otherwise occur.

Kidde Engineered Systems offer fast response times and minimal post-fire cleanup when applied in applications requiring quick responses and minimal post-fire cleanup, featuring Fluoro-K (FK-5-1-12), 3M Novec 1230 or FM-200 clean agent fire suppressants designed for total flood type delivery systems platforms. These agents work by disrupting chemical chain reactions of combustion in order to extinguish fires quickly while preventing their re-ignition.

Kidde offers marine industry customers a selection of fire detection and suppression systems approved by marine regulatory bodies around the world.

2. Extinguishment

Kidde fire suppression systems and detection products are designed to keep people and property safe. Their systems take into account potential hazards in a space as well as materials present, working to extinguish fires and prevent their re-ignition.

Carbon dioxide systems are designed to extinguish fires at their source, minimizing damage and disruption to operations. They’re ideal for Class A, B and C hazards – plus you can pair it with an advanced detection system for special protection needs.

Clean agents such as FM-200 vaporize upon discharge, completely flooding the area protected and dispersing heat more effectively than water would. Furthermore, clean agents leave no lingering residue that might damage sensitive equipment and require costly cleaning processes; making them perfect for data centers to reduce business continuity risks from fire-related outages.

3. Prevention

Kidde’s wide variety of fire suppression systems is designed to both prevent and mitigate fires, protecting people and equipment from potential danger. Wet and dry chemical solutions are available for vehicles, machines and kitchens alike.

Fusible or thermo-bulb sensors detect excessive heat. Once detected, XV control system activates and actuates pressurized agent storage containers as well as fuel and power sources to appliances, cutting off fuel supplies to appliances as necessary before discharging multipurpose wet chemical agents through strategically located nozzles to suppress fire by cooling and dispelling oxygen while preventing future re-ignitions.

Carbon Dioxide C02 systems employ gaseous CO2, stored in steel cylinders under pressure, to quickly put out fires by means of cooling and oxygen displacement. Systems may be designed for total flooding (for unoccupied areas) or local applications.

4. Reliability

Kidde offers comprehensive fire suppression systems designed for any application imaginable – from budget-minded hardwired control panels to advanced life safety platforms – that will meet any space’s fire protection needs. From aircraft and vehicle fleets to critical data centers, Kidde systems ensure your facility and people are safeguarded with protection designed specifically for each situation.

Kidde has been accused in multiple federal lawsuits and public reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission of withholding information about extinguishers that failed to discharge, were clogged up or required excessive force to discharge. Furthermore, internal data allegedly misrepresented the scope and nature of problems with its products – an apparent violation of CPSC core regulations and principles, according to Justice Department allegations in November 2017 lawsuits against Kidde. Since then, however, they have changed their practices.

5. Safety

Kidde smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers provide essential protection for homes and businesses alike. Our fire suppression systems offer even greater peace of mind to facilities with expensive or difficult-to-replace equipment that must remain operational during an unexpected fire event.

Our WHDR system was specifically created to meet the rigorous demands imposed by cooking applications, providing one of the industry’s most flexible system configurations as well as customizing detection, control and agent cylinder sizes to your facility’s specific requirements.

Kidde, established in 1917, remains renowned worldwide for its specialty fire safety products designed for aircraft and vehicles. For example, its crew AFES system installed in main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers since the 1980s detects and suppresses explosive fires almost instantaneously.

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