The Latest eCommerce Trends That Are Changing the Way We Shop

The Latest eCommerce Trends That are Changing the Way We Shop

Everything is online nowadays, including our favourite businesses and stores! Smart ecommerce sites should always do their best to make their websites stand out for all the right reasons. Luckily, with great website design, your site can look appealing, intriguing and far better than any of your competitors.

Just like SEO and web design, ecommerce websites have their own trends that you should keep an eye on if you wish to stay ahead of the curve. If you use too many older methods, your customers will notice, and they may not like it. 

Customers tend to prefer sites that stay up to date with the world while trying to offer them the best experience possible. By following the trends in this article, you could make your ecommerce site better than ever. 

5 Amazing eCommerce Trends That You Need to Know About in 2023

The world of ecommerce is constantly changing and adapting to fit society as it grows and evolves. These changes are reflected in the website designs of ecommerce sites, which could include these effective 2023 ecommerce trends:

Personalisation. Who doesn’t love a personalised experience that specifically fits their wants and needs? Personalisation is a big thing in 2023 because customers love it. Instead of shopping from a generic store that feels like it was built for a general audience, customers can enjoy an experience tailored to them. 

Personalisation can include the following:

  • Product Recommendations. An ecommerce site can track a specific user’s viewing and purchase history to recommend items that they might like. For example, if you spend the day looking at animal-inspired decor, the site may begin to recommend many gorgeous different decor pieces that feature animal-inspired designs. This could be a great way to find new items that you adore. 
  • Multiple Payment Options. Not everyone uses the same kinds of payment methods for everything, and some people prefer only using a select few. So, if you don’t offer enough payment options, customers could get frustrated and leave right before they order the products in their cart. Make sure you offer modern payment solutions like PayPal along with the basic credit card options. You can also offer payment in instalments rather than all at once.

You can also think about other website design personalisation options that aren’t exclusive to ecommerce websites, like allowing users to choose between light and dark modes. 

Live Shopping. This is a rather new trend that allows shoppers to interact with sellers in real-time. This can be extremely beneficial for customers who need answers or support. Customers can speak to helpful staff members through video chat, Q&A sessions, live chat and other communicative features that can be incorporated into a site’s website design. 

This is a great way for shoppers to get to know the products they’re interested in and to ask questions before they buy. For example, customers looking for new clothes could watch a live video of a fashion influencer talking about the clothes themselves. The shoppers could ask them about the fit, fabric, look and ask for fun outfit ideas that’ll convince them to try it themselves.

AI programs and tools can also be used to improve this aspect of the ecommerce experience. If no staff members are available, then an AI chatbot can help your customers get the answers they need to maximise their shopping experience. 

For instance, if a customer has a question that an AI chatbot could analyse and recognise, they could ask the bot for some help. The chatbot will then use the information it has to offer a clear answer. If the customer still needs help, then they can attempt to reach a staff member.

Social Commerce. This ecommerce method is the use of social media platforms to sell products. This allows social media platforms to branch out into the ecommerce market, and allow their users to make a bit of money on their favourite platforms. 

Social commerce can be achieved through social media shops, influencer marketing and other useful channels. Doing so can help sellers reach a wider audience while connecting with their customers on a more personal level. 

An example of this is Facebook Marketplace. This feature allows people to sell unwanted items to people who could really use those goods. Facebook is already a very popular site, so adding this feature only makes it more useful for its users.

Voice Commerce. This is the use of voice commands to shop online. The usefulness of voice search has already grown exponentially in the past few years, so it’s no surprise that people can now use it to search for and purchase wonderful new products. 

Voice commerce can be done through virtual assistance like Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. It’s a convenient way to shop for products without touching a thing, and to get things done quickly without much hassle. 

This is also another reason why optimising your site’s website design for voice search is so important, so that potential customers can find your ecommerce site with ease. 

More AI. Artificial intelligence is everywhere now because it can be used in so many useful ways that make our lives more convenient and more efficient. 

AI is being used to improve the ecommerce experience in many ways. For instance, AI can analyse a user’s data and history to recommend amazing products that they’ll probably love. It can also personalise their shopping experience (which, as we highlighted before, is very beneficial for shoppers and sellers) and provide useful customer support.

AI programs can work in subtle ways that many people don’t even realise, so they can help you offer your customers a streamlined experience that gets them from your home page all the way to your checkout page. 

What You Can Do to Optimise Your Auckland Business’s Website Design for Great SEO

People love convenience, and your ecommerce site might not be very convenient if it’s not properly optimised and not following the right web design tactics. 

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