The list of medicine delivery companies in India

The typical procedure for purchasing medications goes something like this: you acquire a prescription, visit your neighborhood pharmacy, and learn the medication is not on hand. Then you visit a different pharmacy and run across the same people there. Consequently, the likelihood that your medication will be available as you travel more and farther seems to increase. Your dose of medications become a distant memory as you leave the prescription at home. Medicines are now accessible online like other products to prevent all of this.

The time it takes to receive your medication is not days. To place an order, all you need to do is enter the name of your medication into the pharmacy app or take a picture and submit it.

This article will help you with the list of medicine delivery companies in India.

Following is the list of medicine delivery companies in India:


1mg was obviously going to be on this list given that it was named one of the top “Made in India” apps by Apple in 2014. You can order medications, schedule lab tests, and visit doctors. However, there are additional qualities that make 1mg desirable in addition to these. You can review drug information, get advice and recommendations from experts, and get your queries and concerns handled. In addition, you will always be presented with alternative brands and their pricing whenever you look for a medication. By doing this, you can make significant savings when purchasing your medications. It also provides 1mg coupons so that it will help in getting discounts.


Practo, a comprehensive service for all your medical requirements, was established in 2008. You may order medications, purchase health plans, arrange appointments with nearby doctors, and visit a doctor online using the app. The ability to consult specialists in more than 25 specialties sets Practo apart from the majority of other e-pharmacies. It’s simple to use the app. Either immediately or after two minutes, you can begin your consultation. In terms of ordering medications, Practo touts a selection of over 50,000 medications and health goods and offers delivery in under two hours.


PharmEasy is a relatively young app in the e-pharmacy market, having been founded in 2015. Since being renowned for its clever user interface and engaging in-app experience, this isn’t a drawback for the company. By itself, this sets the company apart from the majority of other apps: it delivers to more than 22,000 pin codes spread throughout 1200 cities. PharmEasy offers additional services in addition to delivering your medications to your door, including ordering medical supplies and ordering lab tests and information on medications.

Apollo 247

Through 24-hour pharmacies, Apollo Pharmacy has been offering real medications around-the-clock for about 32 years. They hope to increase the convenience of purchasing medications even further. Apollo finds providing medications simple because it has over 3,500 stores under its belt. They may even be delivered within an hour in some cities because of this. Symptom Checker, Digitised Health Records, Doctor Consultations, and Diagnostic Tests are a few more perks of ordering from the app in addition to earning Apollo Health Credits, which are points you receive for every order. A pharmacologist is available to talk to before you place an order if you’d want to learn more about possible drug interactions.


Truemeds is a brand of authentic, top-notch medicine that is trusted by people all across India. Only the top 50 drug manufacturers in India supply drugs to the online pharmacy. In order to provide its customers with the greatest quality, Truemeds uses this. Every order goes through triple check before getting dispatched. A physician, a chemist, and their in-house AI-based programme all check the orders at this point. It also provides Truemeds promo code which allows up to 72% off on first purchase and free consultation also.


Netmeds is the ideal location to have easy access to common medications at a reasonable price, having been named “Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2018” by WCRC International. The app’s standout feature is that it sends you timely notifications when it’s time to replenish your prescriptions. By doing so, you can place an order with a single click and prevent forgetting to order the subsequent batch of medication. Apart from medications, the app provides a full selection of wellness products, such as vitamins, exercise supplements, herbal products, and cosmetics. 


SastaSundar, an all-inclusive wellness app, was established in 2013 and provides free delivery on all of its goods. The app advocates for real, reliable, practical, and inexpensive healthcare. Due to this, finding decent sales on SastaSundar sometimes is not difficult. SastaSundar is one of the very few apps that makes it easier to order generic medications in addition to conventional drugs. By giving precise medication information, dosage guidelines, and cautions, it also eliminates any uncertainty surrounding generic medications.  It employs AI to display news and merchandise that is pertinent to you.  It also provides useful tools like a tracker for immunisations and a calculator for both pregnancy and BMI.

Medplus Mart

By using MedPlus, you can have the convenience of setting up a pill reminder, printing bills whenever you want, maintaining all of your health records in one location, and learning about medications, their adverse effects, substitutes, and more. An original UI makes it simple to use the programme. Being exclusively for ordering medications and healthcare supplies distinguishes MedPlus from other websites. Diagnostic tests, however, are scheduled through its additional app, MedPlus Lab, which also has excellent savings and deals.

Wrap Up

It is essential to have an excellent online pharmacy application on your phone since it will come to your rescue whenever you need it most. A doctor on call for emergencies is provided by a few of the pharmacies mentioned above, which can be useful. You can choose the medication delivery app that is best for you using the list provided. You can receive excellent prices and discounts by using promo or coupon codes when you get drugs online, which is another major benefit. 

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