The Most Imported Golang Packages & Libraries Used by Tech Giants In 2023


Go is considered a multi-purpose programming language as it builds reliable, fast, and easy applications. No doubt, the Golang package works fabulously to build Go applications. After the release of Go, the imported packages became more popular in a short span of time due to their worthy outcomes.

In the year 2023, the best Golang packages used by tech giants will change the way of writing code. Moreover, in the most used packages, four are about testing, and two are about logging; testing and logging are two different subjects, as we will discuss in the blog below. 

However, the most imported are Ginko, Error, Logrus, Cobra, and many more. So without wasting your valuable time we will discuss the best and most used libraries and packages.

How To Start With Golang Test Package

 The infrastructure of Go Native Testing is fertile ground for an enhanced testing framework. Anything with simple assertion libraries that blows BDD framework withstands executable. So we look out one on one. 

  • Testify & Go check

The simple and powerful library offers mocking, assertion, and many more. Following are the  top and standard Go testing libraries. It seems like a natural and essential extension for the standard testing library, and it is also super slim.

  • Ginkgo & Gomega

Ginkgo is considered a heavy-duty BDD framework. At the same time, Ginkgo is a matcher and assertion library that Ginkgo uses. In many applications, developers used Fomerga instead of selecting a full BDD with Ginkgo. However, you can see the example of a public repository that uses Gomega for JSON matching.

  • Cobra

Cobra is the best toolbelt for the productivity match-to-go application. It helps in deploying the well-structured Go application with ease and also maintains and organizes your application code. Moreover, it’s got a lot of work to do with standardized usage of the flag, bash autocompletion for applications, and more.

  • Golang Error Package: Logging & Error Solution

In the top Golang error package, most of the packages are logging packages that increase the native log package’s behavior by providing the features such as coding, formatting, log level separation, and many more. We are going to see this below. 

  • Logrus

It is more comprehensive in two with a basic logging extension and also has neat features such as hooks. Moreover, from the Logrus documentation, we can add hooks with logging level, for instance, to deliver error to exception tracking service on fatal, errors, and panic info to StatsD or else to log multiple places at the same time, e.g., Syslog.

  • Glog

In the Golang package, Glog is known as a logging library that was developed by Google and modeled after the C++ Glog library. It is more simple. The basic log extension allows leveled execution in logs without matching else.

  • Errors

In Golang, error packages are one of the outstanding libraries for error handling in the Go programming language. It has tons of features to offer, but it is mostly used for error handling in standard ways. It allows for keeping the context of the error, like line number and files, and also attaching annotations to the top of it.

  • GORM

GORM is a widely used database library for Go, that offers a comprehensive object-relational mapping toolkit for Go. It serves as a user-friendly resource to transform data between incompatible type systems while also minimizing the need for rewriting code when switching between such systems. In addition to SQL builders, RAW SQL, and auto migration tools, GORM also provides extendable plugins for customization. Furthermore, all the features in GORM have their own tests, which enable developers to experiment with new functionalities without disrupting the entire system.

  • Goose

When dealing with relational databases, the primary responsibility involves managing the schema. However, in some organizations, modifying the database schema can be perceived as a challenging task. To alleviate this issue, developers can use Goose packages, which enable easy schema modifications and data migrations as needed. This process involves versioning the schema and utilizing migration files that correspond to each version. These migration files can either be SQL or Go commands.

Final Say

There are a number of Golang packages that Go offers. We sorted out the best packages and mentioned uses that are used by tech giants in 2023 and beyond. The high-quality packages have prominent results on the application. So, if you need clarification in the selection and development of the application, you can contact a Golang development company that will assist you in the right way.

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