Top 6 Business Schools in the World: Rankings, Reputation, and What Sets Them Apart

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It cannot be denied that everyone has their own perception of “the best” when it comes to international business schools or those amazing institutions that have formed an almost immortal reputation. Still, it will always come down to what you would like to learn in terms of entrepreneurship, marketing, or any other field of business. While the names like Harvard and the Wharton Business School might instantly come to mind, they are not the easiest institutions to get enrolled in. It always takes exceptional learning skills, a strong personality, and recommendations. As you wish to advance your career, do not be afraid to look beyond the United States, as you can travel and consider top business schools elsewhere. 

Top 6 Business Schools in the World: Rankings, Reputation, and What Sets Them Apart 

1. London Business School. 

It’s one of those schools that probably need no introduction to those wishing to make a successful business career. Ranked second in most global business school lists, it can be set apart by a purely British approach to business and the presence of personalized learning. It implements numerous examples and lots of practical work instead of theory alone. Still, it’s one of the most demanding schools in terms of written tasks! Of course, typing write my essay online is still quite popular among UK students who need immediate assistance as coping with tight deadlines is often a problem. If you are feeling challenged, remember that online help can work wonders! 

2. MIT Sloan School of Management. 

Ranked third in the global list of the best business institutions, MIT Sloan has always been a dream school to consider for many. While it’s almost impossible to get enrolled, it’s actually easy to become a student here if you show strong leadership skills and can come up with unique and meaningful business ideas. This school looks for those ready to change the world, so if you are one of them, give it a go! 

3. Harvard Business School. 

Taking the honorary fourth place, Harvard’s School of Business is famous for its flexibility. You can learn online, manage hybrid forms of studies, and even enjoy paid vacations if you stay committed to your main curriculum. The community, healthcare support, career planning, and the presence of the best labs make it a unique place to consider! 

4. INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration). 

The 8th place is taken by this French school. As the largest institution for business studies in Europe, it provides a truly inclusive and global learning experience. It unites Africa, the Middle East, and many other specific cultures and focuses on students from all over the world. 

5. Yale School of Management. 

Ranked 10th, it’s suitable for those who would like to focus on the political and journalistic side of business management and related studies. It’s also suitable for speechwriters and entrepreneurs. 

6. Mannheim Business School. 

While it’s ranked 28th in the global list of business schools, it’s third in the list of European business schools. What makes it different is that it focuses on engineering, entrepreneurship, and financial management. The graduates of this school work at the top European banks. Although this business school is not cheap, it’s easier to get into compared to the University of Hamburg or many other EU-based universities. The presence of unique labs makes it possible to work on business startups and consider business ideas for students who wish to conduct specific research and start their business careers while still being enrolled. If it feels right for you, consider this amazing school! 

Rankings Versus Reputation 

By choosing business schools, do not rely upon the rankings alone, as these are usually formed by professionals that try to take a more general approach to learning. It means that something that they may consider acceptable and suitable may not fit within your learning objectives, GPA level, enrollment eligibility, or available funds. On the other hand, the business school’s reputation is a totally different matter as you can take your time to read the reviews, browse social media, and even talk to current or former students. As you make your final choice, do not ignore the online business courses that may be available and the Open Days that may be hosted at the school of your choice. It will help you learn more about things many lists and rankings won’t tell you! 

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