Top Benefits of Natural Mulberry Silk for Your Skin and Hair

Silk pillowcases are now a regular feature in any top beauty magazine. Dermatologists, hairstylists, and makeup artists are all encouraging you to make the switch from your current cotton pillowcases to silk ones, but why exactly is this the case? Because not all silk pillowcases are created in the same manner, continue reading to learn about the top five unexpected benefits that using pure mulberry silk pillowcase will bring to sleep better and wake up with beautiful skin and healthy hair.

Lasting Benefits of Natural Mulberry Silk

Have you decided to buy a silk pillowcase, but need more conviction about its advantages? Read on as we discuss more benefits of natural mulberry silk. 

  1. No More Lines From Your Night’s Rest

Have you ever woken up with sleep lines on your face, which can be a sign of aging that comes on prematurely? Sleeping daily on the smooth surface of a quality and natural 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase can alleviate the appearance of sleep creases experienced upon waking. These creases, which have been linked to the formation of premature wrinkles, can be caused by sleeping on a rough surface. As you roll around in your sleep and press against the pillow with your face, the amount of friction and pressure applied to your face is reduced. What exactly are you looking forward to? Switch to silk pillowcase, and those irritating sleep creases will never bother you again.

  1. The Effect of Delaying the Aging Process

Manufacturers of silk pillowcases male use of the highest quality 22 momme, grade 6a, 100% pure mulberry silk to handcraft each one of their pillowcases. The pillowcase you select will have a more substantial and sumptuous texture in comparison to other silk pillowcases available on the market. Mulberry silk is a natural material that contains 18 different amino acids and two essential proteins called sericin and fibroin. Your skin is able to absorb these nutrients. In the meantime, you are regenerating and repairing your cells while sleeping, which makes your skin more hydrated and gives you that dewy look when you wake up. After sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you should wake up to find that your skin is more toned and has increased elasticity levels than before. This is one of the benefits of natural mulberry silk. 

  1. Acne Prevention

Mulberry silk is naturally resistant to allergens such as dust mites, molds, and other irritants due to its hypoallergenic nature. In addition to being less absorbent than cotton, will hold less dirt and grime with repeated use, which will help to reduce the number of acne breakouts you experience. There is less friction between your face and the pillowcase, which lowers the risk of skin irritation and infection, both of which can cause acne flare-ups. A quality silk is dyed with non-toxic dyes throughout, it is an excellent option for people of any age who have sensitive skin, including infants and toddlers. Original silk has been put through rigorous testing, and the results show that it does not contain any substances that are potentially hazardous to either human health or the natural environment. 

  1. Hydrated, Healthy Hair

Silk pillowcases are less absorbent than cotton pillowcases, they are an absolute necessity for anyone with dry, brittle, or curly hair prone to breakage. Our silk pillowcases help to maintain a healthy and hydrated scalp by allowing moisture to remain where it is needed, which is important for boosting stronger and healthier hair and is recommended for the prevention of hair loss. Silk is now recommended to cancer patients at many of the nation’s top hospitals. This is due to the fact that chemotherapy can damage hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Silk is soothing to the scalp and helps maintain a healthy scalp, which protects the most delicate and fragile strands of hair while the hair is growing out.

  1. A Sleeker Head of Hair

Your hair will be able to move freely over the pillowcase thanks to the ultra-smooth surface of 22 momme pure mulberry silk, reducing the likelihood that you will wake up with tangles and the dreaded bedhead. In comparison, traditional cotton pillowcases cause significantly more friction, tugging, and pulling on your hair while you sleep. This can result in increased frizz and morning tangles.


Several silk manufacturers offer the finest range of pure 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcases. Now that you have seen the benefits of natural mulberry silk, what do you think is the next step to take? Purchase your mulberry silk pillowcase and have a wonderful experience.

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