Ways To Make Your Resume Up-to-date

Are you searching for a job? Are you feeling difficulty securing a job even though your interview is going perfectly? Then you have a problem with your resume. A resume is the only paper that will give detailed reports of your career to the recruiter. They will first see your appearance and then check your resume to get to know you or judge you based on your resume. 

Are you going to switch your job? You have the perfect resume but, still, you are not getting selected because many people tend to forget to update their resumes. It is one of the biggest mistakes. It is a very common mistake because people tend to forget to update their resumes. You need to remove your mistakes before you send them to other companies. Even if you are capable, you might get rejected due to these mistakes. 

Will another company check your resume? 

You will feel that when you are going to another company, they will not check your resume, but it is not true. They will always check your resume to check if you match their minimum criteria or not. They will check if you can work for their company, and they will ensure that you have the numbers that their company recruits. Hence, they will always check if you are eligible enough to enter their company or not. 

You have built your resume a long time back when you have graduated. After that, you might not have updated your resume. You will have some problems with your resume, and you will not understand which parts you need to update. Sometimes there can be problems with your format or the structure of your resume since it is old enough. Here are some tips to help you update your resume to make it attractive yet strong enough. 

Update your skills

Since you are moving from one company to another, you must update your resume. You need to make significant changes and not keep it as you have kept it during your first time. You need to update the skills which you have learned. List all your professional skills be it soft or hard. Remove the most assumed skills from your resume as people expect you to already know them. Updated skill sets will capture your recruiter.

Remove your old position

Do not use the resume which you have used after your graduation. You have to change your status from freshie to experienced. You need to remove some of the entry-level roles from your resume and make it look much more mature and experienced. Read your resume, and delete some of the roles that you might have mentioned while you were graduating. The recruiter will not like to know the roles that you have played during your graduation. 

Write about your work 

You should mention the roles and responsibilities you have held in your previous jobs and what experience has helped to gain new knowledge. Show the recruiter that you have the industry knowledge and which parts you have worked on. This will help them to fit you in the perfect role in which you can take responsibility. 

Use effective keywords

Always try to use the jargon words, like if you have worked in a software company use python or ruby which will get highlighted to the recruiters. All these keywords will help the tracking software to pick up your resume, as the software is given a set of keywords, and they scan through your resume to see if you know about those skills. Every industry has its respective keywords; try to use those words so that your resume can get selected faster. 

Update the format

The formatting of your resume will give it a very sophisticated look. Do not use the same format that you have used years back. Try to update the format of your resume. If you cannot understand, take the help of a resume builder, it has different types of formats which will help you to improve your resume formatting. 

You can update the format of your resume by changing the font choice. Do not use the same old type of font. Use a professional yet different font. You can also change written numbers into numerical which will give a visually good look. Numbers always attract people hence using numerical will attract the attention of the recruiter. 

You can also replace the paragraphs in your resume with bullet points. Use professional bullet points which will give your resume a constructed look making it look good. Try to use a consistent style like if you have bold titles, keep all the other titles bold so that it looks uniform. 

Update your personal information

People update their skill set, roles, and responsibilities but always forget to update their personal information. The company needs to know your updated phone number, email id, or other contact information. Always update your contact information so that the company can contact you to convey important messages. 

Review your resume

Always review your resume; check from the top. Read the abstract part carefully and change the necessaries. Since it is a very concise page with all the relevant information, you need to check for any grammatical mistakes, empty bullet points, or old overviews. Check if you need to change any other part of the resume. 


A resume is a very important piece of paper on which your future depends. You have to present it very sophisticatedly and make sure that your resume is eye-catchy yet comforting. Choose comforting colors which are not very bright or dull, make some significant change that gives a beautiful look that will make a person read it. Everything depends upon the way you present it to the recruiters. Your knowledge and skills will always be important in any job, but the recruiter will pass their judgement based on your resume.  Hence, it is important to emphasize your resume as well as your skillset and your knowledge.  

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