What Are the Space Utilization Principles & How to Maximize It?

Ask any company why they are taking office space utilization more seriously and they will tell you that they are looking to save office rent in a hybrid setup or maximize their space usage. It helps with-

  • maximizing occupancy
  • creating a better work experience
  • making visitor navigation easier
  • saving admin time

Sure, making the most out of the available office space is not an easy-to-achieve goal, but abiding by key space utilization principles can reduce the time it takes to reach there.

Here we tell you what principle entails and three ways to maximize your office space while you abide by it.

What is the Principle?

One can reduce the principle to a simple guideline ‘effectively utilize all the space available’. And novices will tell you effective is all about maximizing the number of people in a given area to save on rent and utilities.

In truth, effective involves creating workspaces that not only optimize usability but also consider employee preferences and demands without compromising on cost-effectiveness. Workspaces built keeping these things in mind often score well on usability and have higher-than-average metrics. The key is knowing how to maximize available space keeping all this in mind. Fortunately, space management solutions can help with it.

How to Maximize With a Space Management Solution?

Here’s how you can maximize at your workplace using a space management solution.

1. Define Your Goals

The first step to maximizing office is defining your goals and ensuring they are in line with organizational objectives. For instance, if you are calling all your employees into the office, you might be looking to expand your available office or reorganize your workplace to enable employees to work comfortably. However, if you’re implementing a hybrid model at work, you might be looking to use your newly available unused spaces more creatively. Simply put, your goals will guide your approach. Additionally, it will also determine what metrics you track. Wondering how that works? Here is an example.

If you are looking to redesign your office space to prepare for the hybrid workplace setup, you might want to track metrics like desk occupancy and desk to employee ratio more carefully. However, if you are growing your office to accommodate more in-office employees, you might be looking at desk density, peak usage, etc.  

2. Get a Space Management Solution

Once you know the objective in your organization and the metrics you wish to track, the next step is installing a space management solution that allows for it. Most space management solutions today come equipped with sensors that not only allow you to track space occupancy and usage but also sync with visitor management to give you granular data on employee ability and preferences. And it doesn’t end there.

With a good space management solution, you can visualize your real estate footprint, track your space usage, and optimize it for better productivity. The space management solution-

  • provides a centralized view of your space 
  • lets you oversee the occupancy of desks, meeting rooms, cafeteria,parking lots, etc., from one screen 
  • track reports in real-time and identifies underused and overused workspaces

This is why you must invest in one right away. Not to mention, investing in a space management solution also makes your organization’s space management future-proof. This is because vendors these days regularly update space management solutions and add more features to support new workspace requirements.

3. Report, Test, Repeat Till You Find a Way to Maximize Space Via a Space Management Solution

A constant process of learning and improving. You may have to go through several rounds of trial and error before arriving at a space maximization tactic that works for you. So, how do you go about it?

As stated earlier, space management solutions come with sensors to track utilization. However, most solutions also come with analytics capabilities to help make sense of the space data collected. You can use the insights from space management solutions to-

  • compare it with data from a different period
  • analyze the efficiency
  • identify what utilization offers you maximum return.

Now, it is only a matter of arriving at the correct strategy that works for your organization and your employees.

Wrapping Up

Proper use of all areas is necessary for your business to operate at its maximum capacity. And you can achieve it by adding solution to your workspace. 

While doing so, remember to enable features that give timely updates and enhance the usage of areas like conference rooms, parking spots, and even desks available to you efficiently. Also, decide your utilization based on the principle. It will ensure that employees can easily navigate the workspace and collaborate without hassles.

Looking for a space management solution to help you with hybrid setup? A space management solution like WorkInSync may be just what you need. 

This all-in-one hybrid workplace solution is equipped with all the features you will need to make space management easier, right from tracking to report-building abilities. The best part? Organizations of all sizes can make use of the space management solution. The best part? You can book a demo to try the space management solution too.

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