What is Contract Electronics Manufacturing?

As the name suggests, Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) or Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) is a form of outsourced electronics production. Instead of investing in infrastructure and employing competent specialists, Original Electronics Manufacturers (OEM) can rely on EMS providers.Here are more details about the scope of support offered by contract manufacturers.

Services offered by EMS providers

The range of tasks different contract manufacturers can help you with can vary. Yet, the major responsibility of producing electronics according to the design provided by an OEM is the same for all EMS providers.

For instance, Assel, a Polish contract manufacturer with over 40 years of experience, offers services for projects of different complexity. Not only can Assel handle PCB assembly with SMT and THT, but also electro-mechanical system integration and cabinet assembly. This EMS provider takes care of potting and conformal coating too.

For other contract manufacturers, the list of services can be different. Not everyone has the necessary facilities for advanced system integration or production with both SMT and THT.

Complex Support for Supply Chain Management

Although it is not a primary service provided by contract manufacturing, some EMS companies offer supply chain management (SCM).

Assel is a great example of such a contractor. Decades of presence in the industry helped this manufacturer to establish a large network of electronic component and material vendors. By working with Assel, OEMs can free themselves from the burden of gathering all the elements necessary for production. Furthermore, EMS providers offering SCM support can also quickly react to any changes in the projects.

Quality and certification

In many countries, introducing certain types of electronic devices like medical equipment to the market requires compliance with stringent governmental regulations. The easiest way of ensuring the quality of goods is in line with standards is to acquire dedicated ISO certifications. To meet the requirements for getting such a certification, an OEM has to ensure the contractors also possess the same certificate.

Assel has particular experience in manufacturing devices for healthcare. It has all of the necessary certificates including ISO 13485 for medical devices, ISO 14001 for environmental management, ISO 22301 for business continuity management as well as ISO 9001 for quality management.

Note, contract manufacturers can deliver their services without certifications but this can make the procedure of acquiring certification by an OEM overcomplicated or even impossible.

Streamlined production with CEM

Co-operation with an experienced EMS provider competent for your industry helps to avoid high costs related to infrastructure and employment. It allows OEMs to meet quality standards faster and considerably reduce time to market. Learn more about the professional assistance you can get from Assel on asselems.com.

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