What U.S. Medical Malpractice Cases Teach Us About the Healthcare System

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While modern medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds and continues to do so daily, medical mistakes still occur. Modern technology is only as good as human programmers, and human error still happens in healthcare facilities. Fortunately, most medical procedures go off without a hitch, but some patients aren’t so lucky. Some are left with life-altering conditions. But why does this happen in our modern world?

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Why Medical Malpractice Still Occurs in Our Modern World

CNN reports more than 7 million misdiagnoses yearly in the country’s emergency rooms. While not all of them result in a malpractice lawsuit, this staggering amount of incorrect patient assessments is frightening. Every day across the country, patients are harmed by the healthcare professionals they trust to cure what ails them. We haven’t yet discovered the mystery pill that fixes everything, but one would think that medical malpractice should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it’s not.

So why does medical malpractice still occur? Here’s a look at the main culprits.

Poor Communication

A healthcare professional’s information is one of their strongest assets. However, when the lines of communication are broken, mishaps can happen. Network breakdowns can cause a lapse in the information doctors and other healthcare workers must provide adequate patient care. Sometimes, communication problems come down to the doctor/patient relationship. If the right questions aren’t asked, or the patient answers incorrectly, this is a recipe for misdiagnosis.

Technical Issues

Imaging equipment and those pieces of technology that provide test results can sometimes break down, become uncalibrated, or are misused due to time restraints or improper employee training. A doctor can only provide the utmost medical treatment when they have accurate information. The patient pays the price when test results aren’t valid due to technical issues.

Insufficient Staff

Unfortunately, many doctors, treatment facilities, and hospitals are severely understaffed. Medical errors of all types can occur when healthcare professionals are overworked, pressured, or otherwise unable to follow medical protocols to the letter of the law. Reduced staffing issues could cause a variety of opportunities for corners to be cut, thus not providing patients with the time and patience required to ensure they’re not harmed.

Human Error

Until we reach the point where perfectly programmed robots and AI perform all aspects of human healthcare, human error will play a significant role in medical mistakes. As we say, we’re only human, and humans do make mistakes. While protocols are implemented to avoid medical errors, medical negligence often occurs directly from a doctor’s or surgeon’s hands.

What To Do if You’ve Become a Victim of Medical Malpractice

You’ve most likely been dealt a devastating blow if you’re among the many harmed by inadequate, negligent healthcare. Not only are you dealing with a worsening health condition or permanent disability, but it’s probably also affected your mental health. And along with that, you’ve probably also been the victim of financial hardships. Fortunately, you can seek both accountability and compensation by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should do to protect your rights.

  1. Ask for a second opinion
  2. Do not say anything to your current medical team about your suspicions
  3. Find a new doctor to treat you
  4. Gather all of your medical records
  5. Speak to a medical malpractice attorney

Improving your medical condition should be first on your list of priorities, including getting a second and sometimes third opinion. To file a medical malpractice lawsuit, you’ll need to obtain an Affidavit of Merit from a medical professional trained similarly to the one you believe has caused you harm. Seeking opinions from other healthcare professionals can help you obtain proper medical treatment and this necessary document.

Don’t Delay: Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of how obvious it is that you’ve been the victim of a medical error, attempting to seek accountability and compensation could be impossible without an expert legal team. You don’t want to face a team of savvy insurance company lawyers alone. Speak to an experienced medical malpractice attorney to ensure you get everything you deserve.

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