Which Are The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in North Carolina?

Affordable auto insurance is essential, especially with the high cost of living caused by hyperinflation. It is vital to save money on anything you do to meet demands in critical sectors of life.

While it’s good to look out for cheap auto insurance, keep in mind that the rate alone does not translate to cheap auto insurance. There are other factors to consider when choosing cheap auto insurance. These are your age, your vehicle’s age, your driving records, and your budget.

Another thing that affects auto insurance rates is your location. Location can cause the rates to increase or reduce. Drivers in some counties or states typically pay 30% lower than the national average. 

You can easily get cheap auto insurance as you do not require SR-22 after DWIs or other serious infractions. There are also low car theft cases and a low rate of uninsured drivers.

You can check the list of some of the best auto insurance and buy cheap North Carolina auto insurance on buyautoinsurance.com. The insurance rates range from $436 to $841 per year, depending on your driving record and coverage level.

To help you in your quest for a good auto insurance company, we’ve assembled a list of the cheapest auto insurance companies to help you make an informed decision.

1. Geico

Talking about an affordable auto insurance company, Geico is it. Geico proudly insures anything that moves you; whether it’s a vehicle on the road, something that moves on the water, or the trail, Geico has got you covered.

Geico has so many advantages over others because it has been offering cheap and affordable car insurance for over 85 years and with customer satisfaction. 

The Classic or Collector car insurance policy covers some unique issues involving your car due to age or when a particular spare part is challenging to find. It also provides liability coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, etc. The average annual rate is $354, i.e., $29 monthly.

2. USAA 

USAA is one of the leading auto insurance providers specializing in providing customers with comprehensive and affordable insurance policies. Their rates are far lower than other auto insurance companies. Compared to different coverages, USAA’s full coverage offers are around 38% lower than others, while their premium is about 42% cheaper.

Most policyholders are happy with them because they provide excellent value for their coverages. They offer dividends to some policyholders as a way of helping customers. Reports suggest that about $1.07 billion has been returned to policyholders.

USNews ranks USAA as the top auto car insurance company of 2022 due to its excellent customer service and surprisingly low rates. It costs about $30 for a monthly subscription and $356 annually. 

3. American Family

American Family is one of our major picks among the cheapest auto insurance companies. They have existed for nearly a century. With such experience, they have mastered the art of driver insurance coverage.

American Mutual, commonly abbreviated as AmFam, is a private company that provides financial protection against physical damage or injury arising from accidents, theft of vehicles, natural disasters, etc.

Depending on your policy, AmFam pays dividends to eligible policyholders, which can be paid in cash or used to purchase additional coverage or lower your premium.

With over 13,500 employees (as of 2022), AmFam also offers commercial insurance, life, homeowners coverage, retirement-planning products, and much more. 

4. State Farm

State Farm is another budget-friendly insurance company you can trust. They offer various options, from auto insurance for teen drivers to rental cars. 

With the Drive Safe and Save plan, you can get rewarded and save more money as you keep driving safely.

State Farm offers plenty of auto insurance coverage options to fit your need. For example, you can combine purchasing homeowner or renters with auto insurance policies to save time, money, and hassle. You can save up to $1,127 annually on auto and home insurance.

Other options include emergency road service, car rental reimbursement, uninsured, underinsured motorist coverage, and many other great options.

5. AllState

Allstate Car Insurance understands that they exist to protect you, your family, and other road users in case of an accident. For this purpose, they offer various coverage options and levels, some of which entitle you to other perks and benefits.

Their Liability Coverage includes the following:

  • Maximum bodily injury payment per person.
  • Maximum bodily injury payment per accident.
  • Maximum payment for property damage.

The Collision and Comprehensive Coverage protects you if your car is not fully paid for or if you crash into another vehicle or tree.

Aside from providing customers with assured vehicle repair protection, Allstate protects you if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver. It’s the cheapest car insurance for students, with an average of $55 monthly to $666 annually.

6. Central Auto 

It doesn’t follow that the larger insurance companies offer the cheapest or most affordable insurance rates. Smaller companies can offer cheaper rates in their regions. One such company is Central Insurance.

You’ll be surprised that Central Auto provides customers in all states with relatively higher premiums compared to the more established insurance firms.

Their relatively small company size allows them to provide customers with excellent customer service. At an average monthly rate of $21 and an annual rate of $257, Centra Auto provides one of the cheapest insurances for policyholders.


The best way to determine the cheapest auto insurance is to compare quotes from various companies. When you receive the quotes, things to consider include rates they offer – who has the lowest premium rate, etc.

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