Why the first step to building a youtube channel is research

Starting a YouTube channel isn’t about hitting record; it’s a digital odyssey that demands navigation through SEO, content trends, and audience psychology. 

With billions of hours of content uploaded every day, it’s clear that luck isn’t the only intangible asset in a viral video’s circuitry; data-driven research paves the path to the brightness of the Youtube limelight. 

Before The Lights, Camera, Action

Content creation on YouTube should be surgical, not serendipitous. What do I mean by this? Imagine Avatar being filmed without CGI. 

The final product would feature blue people awkwardly prancing around green screens to the sound of crickets. Creating without considering YouTube’s ecosystem is akin to this cosplay catastrophe—just less blue and more pixels. 

Here are the top reasons why hitting YouTube’s invisible ceiling without research is inevitable:

  • Wasted Potential

  The last thing you want is to spend hours crafting your world-renowned tortilla recipes only to find out everyone’s allergic to flour. Research averts the glaring omissions and ensures your content aligns with demands.

  • SEO-Nana

  It’s not SEO rocket science, but it does require some discernment. Understanding search engine optimization will ensure the algorithm isn’t smudging your contouring tips into the background for eternity.

SEO and the Algorithm: Your Virtual Co-Director

If creating content is half the battle, then getting it seen is the other half. Youtube’s algorithm isn’t malicious, just preoccupied with showing the best content (that meets its criteria). 

Investing time in deciphering what the algorithm deems ‘the best’ can transform a video from wallflower to prom queen:

  • Keywords

  Your SEO watchwords aren’t just for the metadata—they should occupy real estate in your content. No, not like those hideous infomercial overlays, but organically. The right keywords will have your content lining up for search engine Hall of Fame accolades.

  • Trends

 What’s yesterday’s news in content creation is today’s Al Jazeera headline. Riding the wave of trends can give your channel a relevancy boost, but like an eager surfer, timing is everything.

  • Data Analysis

  The audience isn’t a crystal ball, but analytics tools offer a grain of prescience. Understanding watch time, audience retention, and user demographics can elevate ad-libbed content into a symphony of predictability.

The Platonic Ideal of Growth Strategies

The vicious cycle of content creation and uploading can be a Sisyphean task, perpetually pushing views uphill. Growth hacking, however, offers a reprieve from this uphill battle. 

Here’s how research can be the deus ex machina to your channel’s first act:

  • Competitor Analysis

  Your competition isn’t just a rival; they’re a YouTube Sherpa, helping you map uncharted territories. Understanding what works for them doesn’t mean copying but can lend valuable pointers on what your audience craves.

  • Market Segmentation

 Catering to your audience en masse is like attempting to fit a Buick in a compact space. Segmentation ensures content resonates with its intended audience and doesn’t become digital flotsam.

You can also augment your efforts by using services such as Simon Crestwood to grow your subscribers organically.

Psyche ’em Out: Understanding Your Audience

The most profound way to ensure a video eclipses the competition isn’t by outperforming but by out-caring. A YouTuber that resonates with their audience is often a scholar of viewer psychology, not just an entertainer:

  • Viewer Personas

  Think of creating videos for YouTube without knowing your audience as telling a joke without knowing your audience—nothing but the sound of your silence. Viewer personas lend videos a warmth that no studio light can replicate.

  • Engagement

  The digital high-five that is engagement on YouTube isn’t just about validation; it’s about creating a community. Research helps craft the call to actions that aren’t just prompts but invitations to an ongoing conversation.

YouTube isn’t just a platform; it’s a digital amphitheater where the symphonic coordination of content and research is the sonata that serenades success. Perform this opening act with gusto, and watch as the YouTube audience, the most fickle and yet most dedicated on the planet, grace you with a standing ovation.

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