World of Warcraft: all raid bosses Vault of the Incarnates

World of Warcraft is the favorite game of millions of people around the world and the secret of its popularity is that it has a huge amount of content and characters. Warcraft is a whole universe with its heroes and villains, while some of them become both.

Due to the abundance of content, it is sometimes difficult for beginners to join the game. It’s like starting to read a book from the middle. Someone starts with the very first game add-ons, while others try newer ones, but at the same time, they use the help of boosting services.

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Raids are one of the most famous and popular activities among players in the World of Warcraft, so today’s material is devoted to this topic. Today we will talk about all the bosses of the Vault of the Incarnates raid.


The fiery Dragonkin is the first to meet you in the raid. Players will be forced to exit the fire pools and kill additional monsters called by Eranog to fight the aggressors. The flaming army in the middle of the battle begins to dance: they look like a strange dance.

All the elementals have a connection, so players need to kill one in order to safely enter the safe zone. Dragonkin itself is pretty harmless, like most of the first bosses in World of Warcraft raids (this is done on purpose so that even the most skillful players in the world can get equipment from the first opponents).

The Primal Council – four bosses in one

All players in WoW: Dragonflight have already noticed that Blizzard has given serious thought to the demonstration of elemental incarnations in the game world. Of all the game design ideas, we are shown how powerful ice, fire, earth, and air are, as well as their combinations – for example, order. It seems that they are trying to tell us that the wild elements are dangerous, and their peaceful coexistence was just granted by the Aspects.

In general, on this boss, we will have to deal with Embar Firepath, Opalfang, cruel Kadros Icewrath, and wild Dathea Stormlash. They all enter the fight at the same time, so prepare your AoE abilities, but make sure that the health drops of the bosses are about the same, otherwise, when they die, they will buff each other.


In the fourth stage, the players will experience an ice test. Also, Sennarth is a spider, so arachnophobes will have to get a bit tensed too. According to the lore, she guards a huge clutch of ice eggs of the same spiders, whose mission would be to completely frostbite Azeroth.

The fight with Sennarth is quite interesting: in the first part of the battle you will have to climb in a spiral behind a crawling spider, which is not at all happy with your presence and is trying with all its might to get rid of the intruders. The characters will have to overcome their disgust: in order not to be thrown off the platform, they need to stick to it with the help of an ice web.


For the game design of this Blizzard boss, a separate respect: it turned out very beautifully. A girl who was reborn as a storm elemental, but did not lose her own model of an elf.

In battle, you will not have to stand close to each other: the wind is quite contagious. In addition, which is typical of battles with representatives of the air element, you will have to choose the right angle for reclining using the abilities of draft mobs: firstly, so that you do not get blown off the platform (this means death), and secondly, to ride on the wind on another area with mobs that you want to kill.


Flame, frost, earth, storm – the boss knows how to control all these elements. The Tauren must be brought to one of his totems, upon contact with which he receives fundamentally new abilities. Elemental creatures will help Kurog in battle.

If you want to quickly die in battle, let the boss take possession of all four elements – in this case, you will not be able to hold out for a long time. It is known that according to the lore, it was Kurog, the best student of Magatha Grimtotem, who organized the situation with the release of the elements and the introduction of thought into many minds of Azeroth, that the original elements are much cooler than those controlled by the Aspects.

Broodkeeper Diurna

Diurna is a dragonkin who guards young dragons. Raiders, as always, are terribly inhumane: having access to the Empowered Greatstaff of the Broodkeeper ability, they begin to crack eggs. This is the main task in combat: Diurna guards the clutch, and players need to kill both her and future dragons, preferably without letting them hatch at all. Other dragons also rush to help Diurna, outraged by the actions of the raiders.

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Here she is, the Queen of the Elements. The fight with Raszageth takes place in five stages: first, the players stand on the platform together. Rashaget applies a debuff to several members of the raid, after which storm lightning remains on the site. At some point, the Storm Eater decides that she is tired of fighting with the players, and simply blows on her opponents: if at that moment she gets into the puddles laid out after the debuff, she will be able to stay on the platform. Sometimes she also breathes fire in front of her, and the raid must also kill the summoned monster. In the second phase, players need to deal with three monsters in turn. The third phase again takes place on a common platform. Raszageth will again try to blow the raiders into the abyss. In the fourth phase, the Storm Eater summons minions again and flies away. The end of the battle is the final attempt by the Rashaget to kill you with a destructive storm. From the edge of the platform on which the proto-drake dwells, lightning is approaching you.

All these bosses for a beginner will seem very difficult, so many use the help of boosting. Nevertheless, thanks to such interesting raids, World of Warcraft has high ratings even after many years.

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