Dr. Ross Blagg Shares How His Life Passions Helped Him be Creative During the Pandemic

Dr. Ross Blagg is a celebrated, board-certified plastic surgeon. Apart from maintaining a busy surgical practice in Austin, Texas, he is a man of many abilities, hobbies, and passions. One such passion is international surgical missions. And prior to COVID-19, this was a routine part of his life. When borders shut down, Dr. Blagg was at a loss on what to do. But this adventurous philanthropist took little time developing an alternative. 

“I had several cleft lip and palate surgical missions get canceled. I felt a bit defeated and just thought of those little kids now unable to get surgeries they need. I wanted to do something, and I thought there are people in the US that could need my help too.” And that’s how Dr. Blagg developed Plastic Surgery Road Trip (PSRT). 

“I love road trips and traveling with friends. And that’s something that I hadn’t been able to do as much. I also love plastic surgery and giving to someone in need. And I also love a makeover-moment!” Dr. Blagg decided to fuse all these things together. Essentially, all the things the pandemic took from him, he designed a way to get them back. 

PSRT is a docu-series currently airing on YouTube that follows Dr. Ross and friends on adventures cross-country finding people who need reconstructive help. Through this, he scratches several of his passion-itches: Adventure, Travel, Philanthropy, Friends, Creativity, and, of course, Plastic Surgery Makeover-Moments! 

A survivor of congenital heart disease, Dr. Blagg has a zest for life that seems to fuel all his passions. For many, being a renowned plastic surgeon would be enough, but Dr. Blagg holds many titles, including thrill-seeking SCUBA diver (he has a left bicep shark tattoo that commemorated his open-water great whie shark dive!), mixed-media artist, rock climbing/hiking enthusiast, and even ordained ministry. He can now add host to that list! 

Dr. Blagg says he was drawn to plastic surgery as a young kid because it fuses art and science in such a fulfilling way. This guy seems to be really good at fusions himself.  He has managed to make Plastic Surgery Road Trip into an adventurous fusion of travel, inspiration, medicine, and heart-warming transformations. It seems he’s got that fusion of art and science thing down! 

Follow the adventure on the YouTube channel, “Plastic Surgery Road Trip”, and follow the daily adventures of Dr. Ross on Instagram: @dr.rossblagg. 

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