Meet Entertainment journalist, and London PR publicist Mark Boardman

From TV, Radio, Online, Meet London Based Journo Mark Boardman Who Is A Regular At Red Carpet Events

Mark Boardman is a renowned media journalist with a passion for storytelling and a knack for uncovering the truth from interviewing celebs and getting to the bottom of a scandal, to ensuring new artists in the industry get a good deal. He has spent the majority of his career reporting on a wide range of topics, including politics, business, and technology.

Boardman began his journalism career as a freelance writer and was photographing celebrities on the red carpet, besides covering local news and events across London. He quickly gained a reputation for his thorough research and clear, engaging writing style, and was soon offered a freelance work at a local newspaper interviewing stars of stage and screen at the local theatre.

Over the years, Boardman has honed his skills as a showbiz tv reporter and has become known for his ability to dig deep and uncover the stories that matter most to his readers. Whether he is reporting on the latest political scandal or analyzing the impact of a new technology on society, Boardman always brings a fresh perspective and a critical eye to his work.

Through his hard work and dedication, Mark never lost sight of his goals, despite the many obstacles he faced whilst single handedly built his media company in such a highly competitive industry. Boardman quick learning ability and strong determination helped him to remain focused on his goals. He knew that it was essential to upgrade his skills and knowledge in order to achieve success in his field.

He was most recently on BBC Radio London talking about his business and site where he advocated for hard work and determination, believing that these values are crucial for achieving success not only in the business world but in life as well. He firmly holds the belief in never giving up, no matter the difficulties that one may face. Throughout his career, his adherence to these values has enabled him to accomplish many great things in his career and establish successful businesses. He is an admirable figure to many and hopes to continue to share his knowledge and skills with others to help cultivate a larger and more impactful community.

Mark Boardman is a sought-after guest on TV and radio for his opinions on everything from the royals to showbiz and is a highly dedicated individual who is driven by a burning desire to succeed. He has always had a clear vision of creating a successful brand and business, and from the very beginning, he has focused on building a strong brand to achieve his goals. He understands that a strong brand is the foundation of any successful business, and he’s willing to put in the time and effort to build it.

Could you first introduce yourself to the reader?

I’m Mark Boardman, and I present and an a content creator of news across music and movies, besides being a celebrity interviewer I also work on many projects for clients from pr to events.

What does your job involve? What does a typical day look like for you? 

My job involves managing my inbox of events to attend, creating content for a number of outlets, booking celebs to interview, and so much more!

What’s great about what you do?

I love talking and enjoy meeting people. It’s interesting to hear people’s stories, especially their journey and how things started for them.

What are the toughest parts of your job?

I like to take everything on as a challenge, but my worry is always the technical side of things because I’ve seen everything happen. We have a specific structure that ensures everything is a certain standard, as there’s nothing worse than putting out anything that’s bad quality.

What are the highlights of your career to date?

There’s been a couple of highlights that I will cherish forever. I get invited to many film premieres and have met some of the world’s most popular stars, which was a real treat. I recently have been a panel guest on radio stations including BBC London which is always fun.

What was your career path into this job?  ?

I starting writing gig reviews having started collected autographs and meeting celebs for a picture from a young age. I then started being invited to events, asked to be a guest on TV, to interview bands, tv presenters etc to promoting events and all this whilst running a company too named MarkMeets

What’s been the biggest challenge so far in your career? How did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge has always to find and work with the right people who can deliver on objectives, I’ve been doing this 20 years and I haven’t looked back since.

Have you noticed any changes in the industry in recent times? If so, what?

Things have changed in lockdown; interviews on most mainstream shows are conducted via Zoom or Skype. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind a year ago, as everything I’ve done has always been a person. YouTube has become a really big platform, and podcasts are super popular and a great way to get out there. When I started, the best thing to do was shadow a presenter or do a work placement, but as that’s not possible now, there are always opportunities; you just have to find them.

Do you have any advice for young people interested in your field?

It’s absolutely possible to do your dream job. You need two things – the right attitude and determination. Be prepared to take lots of action, and rejection will come along, but it’s how you overcome it that’s the important thing. Don’t let anything hold you back. YOU CAN DO IT!

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