4 Tips to Remember When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating doesn’t need to be stressful — the key is having a plan.

You may know the kind of tiles and tapware you want. You may even have an idea of how you want your shower to look.

What few folks remember, though, is that the bathroom is still a functional space — the devil is in the detail.

Before you start your bathroom renovation, consider these crucial tips to help you plan a space that is ideal for you.

1. Lighting

We all need a well-lit bathroom, so you need to consider the size of the room and functionality of the space.

Picking the perfect lighting option will help set the mood for a relaxing soak in the tub.*

“Overhead lighting is the most popular, traditional lighting style,” interior stylist and renovator Emma Blomfield begins. “Recently I’ve seen a lot more wall sconce lighting, and it’s typically next to a mirror which is a lot nicer for make-up application and things like that.”

While bathroom lighting should be functional and bright. You can also add a dimmer switch or wall sconces for those evenings you want to relax in the tub.

If you’re doing a full reno, don’t forget to think about window placement and the best glass or glazing solution to provide adequate light and privacy.

2. Ventilation

Ventilation is a biggie. Firstly, there are standards and building codes that need to be adhered to. These dictate the size of your windows, how much they should open and which ventilation fans are suitable.

There are also ventilation standards in Australia, which you should ask your builder about.

“Home ventilation is important to maintain comfort, health, and indoor air quality in the home,” says Monique Cheung, IXL Senior Brand Manager. “Bathroom ventilation keeps air flowing to eliminate contaminants, moisture build up and odours, and keep as clean and fresh as possible,” Monique says.

“A proper bathroom ventilation eliminates moisture build up, prevents mould growth and damage to structures.”

3. Heat

Heating in a bathroom is a luxury but, oh boy, does it make a difference.

Fortunately there are products that incorporate heating with your lighting and ventilation for a three-in-one whack. The IXL Tastic Ovation 3-in-1 Heater, Exhaust Fan and Light does just that — provides three vital functions in one sleek fixture.

“Tastic infrared heat lamps provide instantaneous heat,” explains Monique. “Through its Halo Heat technology, the heat lamp efficiently heats the user without heating the entire room,” she says.

“The heat lamp rapidly warms you, providing long-lasting heat in the cooler months.”

The other perk of the Tastic Ovation 3-in-1 is that it is energy efficient.

“Apart from strong airflow which efficiently removes steam from the bathroom confines, Tastic Ovation is also eco friendly. Each unit includes a self-sealing back draught stopper that prevents draughts and insects entering the home, ensuring a warm bathroom that’s protected from unwanted airflow, suitable for 5 star energy rated homes,” adds Monique.

4. Style

Finally, a renovation is your opportunity to fit out your space exactly as your like. If you’re stuck for choosing a style theme, Emma had this advice:

“The architecture of the house will dictate the style of your bathroom to a large extent. If you’re living in a traditional, heritage home, you’ll probably go for more classic choices. If you’re building from scratch or in a new home, you’d go for a more modern contemporary style,” she explains.

“Practical decisions also count towards style choice as well. Is it a family with kids that’s going to be using the bathroom? Is it a main bathroom? An ensuite? A powder room? [In a powder room] you can have a bit more fun because it’s not getting as much wear and tear as a main bathroom.”

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