First-Time Homebuyers tips for buying their new home

First-Time Homebuyers Are Sharing The Things They Did “Aggressively Wrong,” And I’m Taking Notes

Buying a home is not for the faint of heart. Even if you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford a home of your own, the process of actually purchasing one is daunting at best. Add in the fact that the housing market is currently ~boiling hot~, and yeah, it’s tough out there for a first-time homebuyer.

Here is what some responses were:

Do a walkthrough while it’s raining. It’s a horrible surprise to find out your new basement walls leak after your first rainstorm as a homeowner.”

If you do one thing, shop around for a realtor / estate agent— do not settle for just anyone!”

I wish I had been more informed about the ‘worst-case’ scenarios of dealing with a difficult seller.

Don’t not buy a house just because you can’t afford your dream home.


Get a home inspection no matter what, but you can also do the following things on your own when touring a home
You need to do your research on home loans (and prepare for the application) well in advance.

I wish I had quadruple-checked spelling on every piece of paper. Because my last name was spelled wrong one time, in the beginning of my loan process, it nearly cost me my entire deal at the closing table.

“It’s so important to understand how much house you can actually afford.

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Don’t buy a recent flip. You want to be the second person to live in a flip — not the first.

Everyone said that my mortgage would be the same (or less!) than what I’d pay in rent…but the truth is, as a homeowner, you’ll pay for a lot more than you ever did as a renter. This cannot be over-emphasized to a first-time buyer (You’ll have to buy appliances, pay to move, and buy so much ‘new homeowner’ stuff to make your home move-in ready. By the time the dust clears, you’ll have spent way more than it costs to rent.)

Don’t just get pre-qualified for a mortgage — get pre-approved

Before you close, do more self-inspecting than even the inspector would do


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