How to Pick the Best Filter for Your Air Conditioner?


The air filter of your HVAC unit is the equipment you don’t much care for, but it is essential to help the air conditioner run smoothly. It protects the mechanicals of the system from potential dust, debris, and airborne allergens. Choosing the best air filter is crucial because when indoor air pollutants are higher than outdoors, it is unsafe to spend time comfortably inside your house. This air filter buying guide will teach you to pick the best air filter for your air conditioner. 

Why Should We Replace Air Filters?

Air filters are essential for our heating and cooling system as they protect the HVAC unit and improve air efficiency by purifying the circulated air. They become clogged due to trapping the air impurities like dirt, dust, smoke, and allergens. The indoor air pollutants get stuck inside the equipment and damage the entire system over time. This will lead to spending higher energy bills and expensive repairs. Therefore, we should replace the air filters on time to maintain their high efficiency and protect the central system. 

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Air Filter 

It can be difficult for you to choose the best air filter for your house. What is the best fit for your needs? Will my filter be worth the investment? These are the questions that play in your mind when buying a new air filter. Now, let’s discuss how to choose the best air filter for your needs. 

Size of the Filter

The most crucial factor you should consider while buying an air filter is determining the filter’s size. Make sure your replacement filter has the right size for your system. Check the numbers printed on your existing filter to know the accurate size. All models don’t show the measurements. If you haven’t used any air filter, measure the length, width, and height of the area where you will fit the filter. Proper filter sizing is essential to ensure the filter’s function. 

MERV Rating

“MERV,” also known as Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, determines varied filtration quality levels of the air filters. The higher the MERV ratings of an air filter, the more it efficiently protects the indoor air from air irritants. Higher MERV ratings indicate the filtration of airborne contaminants will be more efficient. These ratings range from 1-20, but values above 13 are unsuitable for home environments. MERV ratings above 13 are appropriate for big commercial buildings, hospitals, factories, mills, shopping malls, etc. Air filters with 8-13 MERV ratings give superior household filtration. 

Type of the Filter 

Different filters require extra care. If you buy a disposable filter, you must check it monthly regardless of the heating and cooling seasons. You may also pick a reusable or washable air filter that provides services for an extended period. Washable air filters are also eco-friendly. You don’t need to be replaced monthly. However, whatever filter you buy, you shouldn’t leave any filter unchecked for so many days. Regular and scheduled checks will ensure the filter is clean and functional. 


Choosing good furnace filters is necessary to trap as many pollutants as possible to make the indoor air clean, healthy, and comfortable. Your forced air heating and cooling system need a quality air filter. Therefore, house owners must know how and when to replace and install air filters. Custom Filter Directs helps their customers in every possible way to provide the best MERV filters for their HVAC systems that can capture the highest amount of debris.

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