Urban Vs Suburban Property Investing And Knowing Your Clientele

What are the pros and cons of investing in property? Almost too many to count. But what about investing in an apartment versus a house? Now we have a more interesting topic on our hands that we can really deep dive into. Right off the bat, we can tell that these properties will have two different kinds of buyers. The apartment will be for a celebrity, business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, investor or affluent young professional. The house will be for a growing young family, both or just one professional, and maybe an older clientele looking to swap or upgrade their current house. But that isn’t where the story ends, there is so much more to this picture.

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The lure of suburbia

Let’s get the easy one out of the way. Why invest in a suburban family home? Well, it’s a classic choice for growing young families that are working hard and want a home that is within commuting distance to their job in the city. They also want a home where their children can grow up safely. The city and it’s crime rate is never going to lay a finger on how quiet and safe suburbia is in comparison. Not to mention there will be other families so parents can bond with other parents, and feel like they are in a community of hundreds, rather than thousands of people. 

The lure is also partly due to the hectic lifestyle that cities have. Cities are for the young or the very rich, in terms of long-term stays. Most people work in the city to earn a house in suburbia. So you are going after a client who will have a lot of money to spend and want to buy either a first home, or a larger home than the one they already have. This kind of client you are going after when flipping a home is well-suited to pay a high price because they aren’t doing it for a profit, but for their family.

The enticement of urban apartments

The affluent class love to go on trusted real estate websites and find modern and or contemporary apartments. We’re talking about 2,000 square-feet apartments in Manhattan that are worth millions. Executives are probably your main bunch of clients as there are incredible amounts of C-suite salaries working in major cities. Anyone from a CEO, to a CFO, COO and more, could come knocking on your apartment door to, buy or rent the property.  

However you will also have foreign investors and buyers that would like to have a piece of the pie. So just like suburban property, there is no shortage of clientele. The thing to remember is, you don’t want to price yourself out of the market as some investors overseas just want to secure their money and not actually looking to turn a profit right away.

Both styles of property and areas will have their perks, it depends on what kind you think is more stable and able to make you money the more reliably.

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