Simon Cowell seeked therapy following obsession with TV ratings

Simon Cowell turned to a therapist after becoming “obsessed” with TV ratings and has opened up about his therapy journey

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ star has confessed to developing an unhealthy obsession with ratings – but regular chats with his therapist has proven to be life-changing.

During an appearance at the Advertising Week Europe conference, the 63-year-old music mogul told the Daily Mail newspaper: “I used to be obsessed with the ratings. Now, I don’t look at ratings. I just look at what we’re making, and if I think it’s good, that is enough for me.

“But I think if you’re driven just by numbers, it will actually drive you, seriously, nuts. And it started to drive me nuts.”

Simon joked that that his therapy sessions would “be the best reality show in the world”.

He added: “Everything’s about perspective. There’s always people who will do better than you and people who may not do as well as you. And you’ve just got to find your balance, where you feel comfortable.”

The TV star began his therapy journey a year ago. However, he now wishes that he’d turned to a therapist years ago, acknowledging that showbiz is “a very stressful business”.

Simon said: “I started seeing a therapist a year ago.

“I wish I’d done it 20 years ago, because this is a very stressful business.

“Having an outlet once a week where you can just talk in what I call a safe space and just talk about how you’re feeling and no-one’s judging you … I would say to anybody, just do it.”

Simon added that seeking help from a expert is “nothing to be ashamed of”.

He said: “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s like exercising your brain, in the same way you exercise your body.”

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