8 Fun Ways To Surprise Your Loved One

Who doesn’t love a surprise? After a bad day at work or a stressful week, sometimes a fun and thoughtful surprise can turn a tricky time into a lovefest with just one kind gesture. But you’re really keen to shock and awe the special someone in your life, it’s time to take off your thinking hat and lead with the heart. 

So, what does your heart say? Can you hear it? It seems to be saying that enamoree is here once again to offer up the 8 best ways to give your significant other the surprise they deserve. 

We’ve got everything from gifts for her to great ideas to leave him speechless. 

Plan an Impromptu Picnic 

Here’s where you can really let your romantic flag fly. Get a picnic basket full of their fave foods and fresh produce. Maybe even a bottle of their go-to wine. Then plan where to have this surprise picnic.

Is there a local park you both love to go to? Or perhaps there’s some grass nearby their workplace and you can catch them by surprise after a long day? Either way, the look of joy on their face will more than be worth the effort! 

Make Movie Night More Personal 

Plan a double bill of their most treasured films on your next movie night, and include some fun homemade trailers between each one. What are on these trailers? Old pics, funny videos from memorable holidays, and a loving tribute to your lives together so far.

Sometimes, those smaller gestures in routine weeks can really stand out and make them feel special. Guaranteed to be a tearjerker and a thoughtful surprise. 

Plan a Secret Weekend Getaway

This one requires some serious stealth moves on your part. But your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get a surprise weekend away planned out without your partner knowing. 

If you’re able to pack a bag for them with the bare essentials, and you’re feeling really brave, you can even text them an hour before they finish work and tell them to meet you at the station. The anticipation will almost be too much for them to bear! 

Get a Cameo Clip from Their Favourite Celebrity 

Some things in a relationship are best left unsaid – unless you can hire a celebrity to say if for you! Cameo is a wonderfully unique concept that lets you get personalised messages from your TV, Film and Sports heroes. 

If they have a particular celebrity crush or someone they look up to online, chances are they have a Cameo account. What next? Simply type up the message you want your celebrity to say, then sit back and reap the rewards! 

Book Them a Glamorous Photoshoot

If your partner loves being in front of the camera, or just needs a little confidence boost, then booking up a private glamour shoot may make all the difference in the world. 

Help them to feel as beautiful as you see them by organising this surprise photo session. Not only will they get a wonderful experience, but you’ll be able to take these pictures home to display or look at whenever you please. 

If you’re looking for some boudoir style pictures, just don’t forget to stick them in a drawer on Sundays when the in-laws come around to visit!

Sign up for Dance Classes 

There are two ways to approach this, and it depends on how brave you are. The first option is to simply give your partner the pleasant surprise of taking dance classes together. This alone is a fun and thrilling way of spending time together and reconnecting with your partner.

The second option is to secretly take dance classes over the course of a few months (this may need some serious excuse-making on your part!). Then, when the moment is right (at home during a romantic dinner is probably best – if you try this in public you may be arrested) turn on their favourite song and show off those moves!

Make Them a Mixtape 

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long it’s been since you’ve done this – a mixtape is one of the most romantic things you can do for someone else. Whether it’s an old school cassette or CD containing songs from when you both first met, or a Spotify playlist full of new tunes for them to exercise to, music speaks directly to the heart. 

Have a Surprise Dinner Party 

This is a little bit different from everyone hiding behind the sofa and screaming ‘surprise’ when they walk through the door. A surprise dinner party is more about making someone feel special and loved in a calm and low key manner.

Have they had a really rough week at work? Imagine the look on their face when they walk through the door on a Friday night to see their loved ones gathered around the table and the smell of their favourite food cooking in the kitchen. 

It may sound like a small surprise, but it’s one that’s guaranteed to keep them smiling when they look back on it. 

No matter how you choose to surprise your significant other, it’s bound to be a moment they’ll cherish for years to come. In a committed relationship, there’s no such things as a small gesture. So find unique ways to surprise them and keep that spark of romance burning bright! 

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