9 Habits to Avoid This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and indeed seems that love is in the air. 

Are you wondering why emphasis is given to this day yet love is a daily affair?  

Sure, that’s how it is supposed to be. But with the hassles of everyday life, people sometimes forget or become overwhelmed. 

That’s why this day has been set aside for showing love for one another.

Every 14th day of February, you will find people adorning in red, the color of love, and showering others with love and affection. 

As you prepare for that day, maybe you want to spend some time with your family, or you wish to reserve dinner for the love of your life and any other plans. 

Perhaps you could go on some of the biggest tours in the USA this year, embark on experiential travel, or visit the cinemas to watch Black Panther II

Just remember that there are some habits that you should avoid if you want to make the day memorable. 

Read on to know what to avoid to have a successful day.

Planning to Spend Cash That is Not at Hand

It’s essential to keep a budget and keenly track your spending. 

The finance experts keep telling us about keeping a budget and wise spending but do you heed their insight? 

Most people are guilty in reality. You may not be any different because you probably use your credit card a lot.

This valentine, try to avoid spending money that is not in your possession. 

You don’t want to be embarrassed after buying expensive gifts for your valentines, and your transaction fails to go through. Yes. A transaction can fail, and several reasons could be behind the odd. 

Even though it happens on rare occasions, it could happen to you anyways. Who would want such an embarrassment anyway? So the good thing to do is to limit yourself within your means or apply creativity.

Could you be wondering what if you do not have enough money to spend, but you still want to please your valentine? 

It’s easy; you can choose to be creative and improvise all you need to enjoy the day with your valentine. For example, you can set aside a small budget to plan for an indoor dinner and then go for a gift within your budget. 

It is possible, so spare yourself an imminent embarrassment.

Being Engrossed on your Phone

Are you an addict to your phone? If yes, then this habit of being engrossed in your phone is among the habits you should avoid this valentine’s day. 

Valentine’s day is a day that comes once annually, and it won’t hurt keeping your phone away for as long as you are with your valentine. 

It won’t be meaningful if you are too grossed on your phone instead of striking an interesting conversation and ensuring it goes on.

Phones also promote physical and mental separation between people, so spend some quality time with your Valentine. 

Avoid being deeply engrossed in your phone. 

You shouldn’t spend too much time on your cell phone, so only check it occasionally. But if something important comes up, you should be aware of it.

Excessive Staring and Ogling

It’s not a good idea to try and conceal or justify your staring. Don’t be caught off-guard staring and ogling. 

It might be your thing, but keep it off while you’re out on this Valentine’s Day, especially if you plan to go out. 

You don’t want to make your Valentine feel any less attractive. 

A long stare and ogling may also just trigger a misunderstanding, and you end the day on a wrong note.

So, what’s the best thing to do? It’s easy; avoid looking at that dazzling hair or the spectacular knees or anything else that will make it harder for you to shift your gaze. 

Most people don’t like someone staring at them; it will be in your best interest to tame your glance so that you don’t make someone else feel uncomfortable in your presence.

Purchasing Items You Are Not Sure of The Size

You probably want to pull a surprise for your valentine by surprising them with something to wear before taking them out. 

Do you know their size? If you don’t, then avoid making that purchase. Otherwise, your money may go down the drain. 

You also won’t like your valentine walking in oversize or undersized clothing, so ensure you get the size right before closing that sale.

Don’t Use Coupons

Don’t use coupons when purchasing items for valentine’s day. 

Avoid delivering free stuff you get to your partner. Not only does it make you feel cheap, but it also makes your significant other think that you don’t value them at all. 

It’s okay to reserve the free additional item for another day but not during Valentine’s day.

Trying Hard to Impress

It’s normal to impress, but the problem is when you go overboard and try too hard to impress.

Avoid that habit during this valentine’s day because you may spend your whole paycheck. 

Keep in mind that you might still have another half a month left to go before being paid again. 

Also, you won’t like imagining the next day that someone stole from you because you can’t account for what you spent in a bid to impress.

The habit of trying to impress makes you look weak. 

Apart from using up your money, you may find yourself nodding yes to everything, which seems pretty weird and boring. 

The best would be just being yourself and not going overboard with anything.

Eat Right!

Don’t stuff your belly with too much food. 

It’s not a good idea to eat and drink until you’ve lost control of yourself and end up having feelings that you can’t explain or justify.

Doing this on Valentine’s Day is considered selfish, so it will be in your best interest to avoid eating too much before going out for the day.

As the day goes on, you may get bloated and begin to feel uncomfortable after stuffing yourself with the wrong foods

It won’t be easy walking around when everything feels like it has doubled in weight. Avoid eating anything excessive during this valentine’s day.

Constant PDA

You may be comfortable with PDA but try to avoid it this valentine. 

There’s a high possibility that many people will be going out. 

If your significant other happens to be your valentine, don’t engage in a public display of affection because some people are uncomfortable with it. 

People may also interpret it as compensation for honest communication. Holding hands and some kisses is not bad but save the rest for your intimate moment indoors.

Forgetting Days

If you have a habit of forgetting some special days in your life, then ensure that you don’t forget this valentine’s day. 

If you can’t help, then mark it on your diary or even set a reminder so that you buy in advance that special gift or make early reservations for that dinner date. 

But the bottom line is, do not forget the day.

Just picture your better half waking up with excitement and expectations, and you blankly staring at her and not aware it’s valentine’s day. 

So you better do something about your habit of forgetting the special days and start this valentine on a high note.

Any Doubts about Why I Should Avoid These Habits?

The appropriate answer is no! 

Now you know the habits to avoid, so plan for a beautiful day and make it memorable. 

Avoid anything that can spoil the mood for the day; love is beautiful, so the day ought to be beautiful too.

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