Celebrity Couples Who Got Married In 2022

Being a celebrity has its perks from opportunities and a good income, for some it could be that everyone in the world usually knows everything about your personal life. Fans are always curious about what happens behind the scenes with their favourite musicians, actors, and athletes.

This is especially true when it comes to celebrity partnerships. Fans want to know who their favourite celebrities are dating and how things are going, whether it’s good or bad news.

This desire of fans leads to great joy and excitement when wedding bells are in the air. Fans love to celebrate with their favorite celebrities as they embark on the next big journey of their lives. Fans of celebrities just want the stars to be happy, and knowing that they are settling down with the love of their life brings great relief.

Fomr Rita Ora and Taika Waititi, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (Again), let’s get into some of the celebrity couples who tied the knot in 2022.

8 Vanessa Villeia And Nicholas Hardy

Vanessa Villeia is a relatively new face in Hollywood. She joined the cast of Netflix’s Selling Sunset in 2021 and was immediately welcomed by the girls. Villeia is from Mexico, where she previously worked in soap opera television.

Villeia’s relationship with Nicholas Hardy was featured in season 5 of Selling Sunset. Hardy gave Villeia a promise ring during filming, but did not pop the question of marriage until January of this year. In an effort to flip the script, Villeia also proposed to Hardy a couple of months later. The two celebrated their wedding in September and fans could not be happier for the adorable couple.

7 Patrick Mahomes And Brittany Mathews

Singers and actors are not the only celebrities that have to deal with their lives in the public eye. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has had his life on display since he won his team the Kansas City Chiefs a Super Bowl in 2020.

He met his now-wife Brittany Mathews when they still in high school. Mathews has stood by his side throughout his career, though she has sparked some controversy with fans due to her bad attitude. The couple welcomed a baby girl in February 2021, but waited to officially tie the knot until this year. They have another child on the way.

6 Bonnie Wright And Andrew Lococo

Bonnie Wright is known for her role as Ginny Weasley in the highly successful film franchise Harry Potter. Despite growing up as a celebrity, Wright likes to keep her life as private as possible. She did not share she was dating Andrew Lococo until late 2020, but they had clearly been dating for some time because they moved in together in February 2021.

Wright shared the news of their private wedding ceremony the same day she shared they were engaged. Lococo got her a stunning and unique engagement ring featuring a blue diamond. Harry Potter fans were overjoyed by the news and are so glad Wright has found her forever person.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari have finally married after a five-year courtship.

On June 9 the couple wed in an intimate ceremony in California. Asghari’s representative Brandon Cohen confirmed the pair’s nuptials..

4 James Gunn And Jennifer Holland

James Gunn is a Hollywood director known for his work with blockbuster and superhero films. He directed The Suicide Squad in 2021 and has directed all of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel. Gunn was previously married to The Office actress Jenna Fischer, but separated after seven years of marriage in 2007.

Gunn has been dating actress Jennifer Holland since 2015. They have worked together on the film The Suicide Squad and the television show Peacemaker. The couple got engaged early this year, and tied the knot in September.

3 Jessica Batten And Benjamin McGrath

Fans will remember Jessica Batten’s appearance in season 1 of the Netflix show Love Is Blind. On the show, she got engaged to Mark Cuevas. Their relationship did not last long, however, due to Batten’s issue with Cuevas being so much younger than her and the assumption that Cuevas cheated on her.

In September 2021, Batten announced that she was engaged to Benjamin McGrath. Instead of having an extravagant ceremony, the two chose to elope in August of this year. Fans of Batten are happy that she has finally found love after what she went through on Love Is Blind.

2 AnnaSophia Robb And Trevor Paul

AnnaSohpia Robb got her start in the entertainment industry at a very young age. She starred in films such as Bridge to Terabithia and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a child. Robb is also known for her portrayal of Carrie Bradshaw in the television show The Carrie Diaries. Recently, Robb was a part of the show Dr. Death.

Her husband Trevor Paul is an entertainment lawyer. Robb and Paul have stayed relatively private about their relationship, but they did share their engagement news in 2021. The couple got married in September of this year.

1 Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are absolutely adorable together, even if some fans dislike their public displays of affection. Kardashian and Barker have known each other for years, but they did not confirm their relationship until January 2021.

Kardashian and Barker are clearly madly in love, their multiple wedding ceremonies only driving that point home. They never want to stop celebrating their love. Their relationship has sparked some drama within the family, however, specifically with Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick. Despite Kardashian and Disick having children together, fans question if Disick will be seen on the show The Kardashians again.

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