Drew Barrymore reveals she was ‘ghosted’after a date

Movie actress Drew Barrymore had revealed that she goes through as much trouble with dating as the rest of us, having gone through a “gnarly” ghosting recently.

The clips starts with Barrymore on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, announcing that she “got ghosted so hard recently,” to which podcast hosts Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine of Girls Gotta Eat were simply incredulous.

“Who ghosted Drew Barrymore? Are they f—ing crazy?” they spoke over each other.

Barrymore said the experience “really hurt my feelings cause the person and I had a great date…it felt like, oh there’s something here maybe.”

When she was ghosted, the ET star told her therapist that she wished for a “Jack Berger post-it note”.

She is referring to a character in the hit series Sex and the City, who breaks up with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw with a hastily-written post-it note.

“We all vilified him in Sex and the City for the post-it note (that read) ‘I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me’

“This was the bad guy?” Drew asked incredulously. “This guy in this day and age would be a freaking saint.

“I can’t (go), ‘Well guess what, now I get to move forward with my life because I know what you’re thinking and feeling’, which is not happening,” she yelled in frustration.

Hesseltine shared her solution, which was to send a simple ghost emoji to the man to acknowledge the end of the conversation and get some closure.

Barrymore said she would take that on, but Greenberg joke-warned her: “You gotta do it soon though because it can’t be a Halloween text.”

Barrymore, who is currently single, has dated several famous men over the years, including actor Justin Long and comedian Tom Green.

Commenters watching the video were equally as shocked.

“Seriously, who ghosts Drew?!” one said. “Well there’s no hope for the rest of us,” another added.

Some had some more suggestions for Barrymore.

“Just send a message saying ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t message, I’m not feeling it and won’t be in touch again sorry’, like they never ghosted you,” suggested one.

“Don’t send anything. No response is a response and tells you all you need to know about that person. He just created space for a better one,” said another.

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