Fun Valentines Day Party Ideas

Valentines Day gift ideas

  • Plan a romantic getaway or weekend trip
  • Cook a special dinner for your loved one
  • Create a photo album or scrapbook of your memories together
  • Make a homemade gift, such as a piece of jewelry or a painting
  • Write a heartfelt letter or poem
  • Give a gift certificate for a spa day or a massage
  • Buy a thoughtful and heartfelt book
  • Give a bouquet of flowers or a thoughtful plant
  • Give a subscription to a streaming service or a membership to a museum
  • Make a heartfelt homemade present like a photo album or a scrapbook.

Valentine’s Day has it origins in the Middle Ages but it is still going strong! Looking for something fun to do with your kids in the month of February? One great, festive idea is to throw a fun V-Day party for your kids and all their friends. Decorations, costumes, and yummy treats are just a few things you and your kids can do to sweeten your Valentine’s Day celebration. Here are a few memorable and fun Valentines day party ideas.

Tons Of Valentine’s Day Party Ideas Kids And Adults Will Enjoy


A fun way to get your party started is with super festive Valentine’s Day invites! Have your kids make their own invites either by hand or on a computer. Use stamps, glitter, pink and red markers, and stickers to decorate the invitations. Mail the letters out, or let your kids pass them out at school to save on postage.

Note: If not all of your kid’s classmates are invited to the party, avoid handing out invitations at school. This might cause hurt feelings. Another tip to save money would be to send e-vites to your kid’s friend’s parents.


A costume party is one fun idea that will make the party special. Before sending out your invitations, decide whether or not you will be throwing a costume party. While not necessary, a costume party is sure to be one of the favorite Valentine’s party ideas kids will love and remember. Have a few party favors to offer as prizes for costumes that go all out!

If dressing up is a go, recommend that kids wear colors like pink, red, and white, and to accessorize with hearts, cupids, and other love themed accessories. Here are a few super cute ideas for Valentine’s Day party costumes and accessories to include in your invite:

  • Tutus
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Cupid
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Fun tights and socks


Once the date of the Valentine’s Day party is set, have your kids get started on decorations. The little artists could take a traditional approach to Valentine’s Day with red and pink hearts, or have a more modern approach with bolder colors, using the theme of love as an inspiration.  As you are budgeting for the party, look for more cost-effective decorations, try using items you already own, inexpensive craft materials construction paper, and dollar store finds.

Some examples of Valentine’s party decorations to make are:

  • Red, pink, and white streamers on door and window frames
  • Heart sun catchers
  • Cut-out construction paper hearts as nametags
  • Heart chains to hang from the ceiling
  • Personalized boxes to hold Valentines in, made from shoeboxes and poster paint
  • Make it yourself heart garland


For this Valentine’s party, cute and yummy snacks are the perfect way to set your theme. The time of your party may affect your food choices, but you can never go wrong with finger foods in heart shapes. When planning charcuterie boards with finger foods, focus on color and shape. Choose foods that will pop against each other. For example, pinks and reds will pop against light and dark food, like white cheese or dark wheat bread.

Keep it classic by making heart shaped BLT sandwiches with white bread, red tomatoes, crispy bacon, and a cookie cutter. You can also use a heart cookie cutter on fruit or rice crispy treats for cute bite sized snacks!  Otherwise, you can mix it up and challenge party-goers’ taste buds: try using unusual ingredients like jicama, red peppers, and rye bread instead of the BLT classics. If you opted to take a less traditional approach to your Valentine’s Day decorations, matching your food choices accordingly is a great way to carry out that theme.


Well, of all the Valentine’s party ideas kids will love the most, this just may be that category! Valentine’s Day desserts might just be the most fun part of your party. The possibilities are endless, but treats like high qualityIce Cream, red velvet cupcakes, and sugar cookies are easy and fun options. Invest in heart-shaped cookie cutters and cupcake molds to make the dessert process a littler simpler. For the JELL-O, use cherry or strawberry flavors to get your desired color. Add strawberries or blueberries to the JELL-O for added texture. You may want to do  fun heart cheesecakes or a teddy bear cake.

If red velvet is more your forte, use heart-shaped cupcake molds and make cream cheese frosting. Let kids add sprinkles, licorice, or sour cherry balls to the top of their cupcake for decoration. The same can be done for sugar cookies. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters and let the kids frost and decorate their own cookies.  Or get festive with strawberry topping on yogurt or ice cream sundaes. If you have a huge sweet tooth like me, there are just so many sweet treats to consider!


After all the cookies are eaten, let the kids dive into some festive Valentine party games and activities. Here are some fun games to try:

  • Fill a container with chocolate kisses and let kids guess how many there are. At the end of the party, award the closest guesser with the container of kisses.
  • For kids between the ages of 5-12 you could try a “match game,” where they will be given the name of one half of a famous couple and then try to figure out who they are by asking questions. Once they figure out who they are, they must locate the other half of their famous couple. You could use couples that are well-known to all, like Mickey and Minnie or Homer and Marge.
  • There are many other V-Day games that could be added like love-themed word scrambles and Pin the Heart on Cupid.
  • A valentine’s day crafts station
  • Free printable Valentine’s Day Bingo Game

Candy hearts make great prizes to give in goodie bags for fun activity winners.


I hope you a a very fun Valentine’s day party full of your favorite things! It is a great opportunity to gather your closest friends and have fun. Valentine’s day is not just for romantic love but also love for our friends and family members. Now, go and out and get started on your Valentine’s Day celebration!  Which are your favorite Valentines Day party ideas for kids to enjoy?

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