How dating apps and video chats fight scam

Fraud and scams have always been one of the main problems of online dating. Many individuals want to take advantage of the naivety and gullibility of Internet users who dream of finding their love online. The situation worsened amid the Covid-19 pandemic. According to The Guardian, in 2020, the number of reports of scams in dating apps increased by 15%. Additionally, the total amount of scammed users in a year and a half in the UK amounted to 69.7 million pounds.

Certainly, dating app developers cannot ignore such information. However, it has not been easy to completely solve the problem of fraud and scams on the internet. No matter how hard they try, in the end, it depends on the user themselves, whether they fall for the bait of scammers or not.

Today, we will talk about how popular dating apps are already fighting scammers, how effective it is, and what users should do to protect themselves from the actions of intruders. We hope you will find a lot of useful information.

From complex anti-scam algorithms to elementary tips and security rules

When online dating services were rocked by a wave of scams in 2020, dating service owners began to take the problem seriously. For example, Justine Sacco of Match Group told The Guardian that the company has “A big team and sophisticated technology that monitors spam and fraud. This includes automated and manual checks of each member profile to block IP addresses when necessary, identify stolen credit card numbers, and detect suspicious user behaviour.”

However, it does not work perfectly in practice.

Despite all attempts to reduce possible risks and introduce new algorithms to combat scam and fraud, the situation remains difficult. Therefore, one of the main rules of secure communication remains video communication as the only way to understand that you are facing a real person.

Today, most dating apps already have a video chat feature. However, if for some reason you do not want to use classic dating apps, there are great alternatives for you — online video chats.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular random video chats:

  • Omegle: This is one of the first video chats in history that has been operating since 2009. Omegle gives you the ability to use the list of interests to search for chat partners, the language filter, and even search for members who study at your university (if you are a student). However, Omegle does not have a mobile app and still maintains a mediocre moderation.
  • Bazoocam: This is a video chat that offers users neither a gender filter nor an accurate geographic filter, and even a search for interlocutors by interests. Nonetheless, this Omegle alternative has built-in online mini-games that allow you to diversify your communication with new people a little and just have a good time.
  • CooMeet: This is an online video chat that perhaps has the best moderation and support service of all the listed services. CooMeet has a truly integrated approach, the developers pay maximum attention to security and privacy. In addition, has a unique gender filter that never makes a mistake and connects men with ladies only. Unlike Omegle, it has handy apps for iOS and Android, as well as a built-in message translator for even more comfortable communication.
  • Azar: This is not just a video chat, but rather a combination of chatroulette, dating app, and a functional messenger. You can chat with strangers face-to-face, use gender and geographic filters, host or watch video streams, add users to your friends list, and much more. To some, the functionality of Azar may seem a bit overloaded, but in general, this is a good option.
  • Chatrandom: This is another functional video chat, the main distinguishing feature is the thematic chat rooms. You simply choose a “room” according to your interests and can communicate immediately with a group of like-minded people. A good option for those who are still shy to communicate face-to-face, but want to meet new people.
  • ChatAlternative: This is a minimalistic random video chat with gender and geographic filters. There are no exclusive features here, but the site is fast, easy to learn, and great for beginners who plan to use chatroulette for the first time but don’t know where or how to start.

Online video chat is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a real interlocutor in front of you, find out their true motives, and get to know each other faster. The risks of falling for the tricks of scammers when meeting in a video chat are lower. However, you must remember that even in this case, they are not equal to zero. Nonetheless, your safety is in your hands!

How popular dating services help users avoid scam

We have already found out that all sorts of algorithms and “smart” tools are not always effective in combating scam and fraud on dating sites and apps. Therefore, the developers decided to take a different and more effective approach — to increase the digital literacy of their users.

Here are just a few examples of how popular services do it:

  • Tinder and Meetic send short messages to users with digital safety tips.
  • POF and Hinge send emails with recommendations on how to protect yourself from scammers.
  • OKCupid strongly encourages its users to read the safety tips on the site.

In recent time, we can see that security on the Web is entrusted to the users themselves. This is actually correct. A modern person should clearly understand what dangers can lie in wait for them on the Internet and how to counter them. Relying on some kind of algorithms is an extremely risky undertaking.

Some useful tips for dating apps and random video chats

  • Tip #1. Listen to your inner voice

If for a second it seemed to you that the interlocutor was behaving suspiciously, most likely, you’re right. Try to think as clearly as possible and objectively evaluate everything that the other person says and does. Your gut instinct can save you a lot of trouble. Do not ignore it and trust your intuition.

  • Tip #2. Do not send money to anyone under any circumstances

They may try to lure money from you under any pretext. However, the most common scheme is as follows. A person rubs himself into your confidence, shows his sympathy in every possible way, makes joint plans and says that they are looking forward to meeting you. However, at a certain moment “something happens” and the interlocutor tearfully asks you to help them with money. The reasons can be very different: one of the relatives fell ill, urgently needed to pay off a loan, or buy a plane ticket to meet you. Make no mistake, this is a scammer!

  • Tip #3. Do not click on links from interlocutors if you are not 100% sure that they are safe

Be careful if the interlocutor sends you some links or sends files. These can be phishing sites and malware, which will end up causing you a lot of problems and make you lose money in the end.

If you need to follow the link, double-check the URL very carefully. After checking carefully, if at least one letter or symbol differs, then this is a fraudulent site. Avoid it

  • Tip #4. Don’t limit yourself to text messaging, try communicating via video

In texting, in any case, it is easier to mislead you. Therefore, try to transfer your communication to video chat as soon as possible. This way, you will quickly get to know the interlocutor, make sure that this is a real person, and you will be able to better understand their true goals of dating.

  • Tip #5. Do not provide the interlocutor with any information that can compromise you

Remember that any confidential and personal information can be used against you. Therefore, think several times before naming your home address, place of work, and more. In such matters, it is better to be a little paranoid than an overly trusting person who sees the world in rose-coloured glasses.

In general, always remember the main thing: your safety is primarily your concern. This rule is always in effect!

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