How to Choose Stone for Engagement Rings

Engagement ring – it’s not just a beautiful piece of jewelry but a powerful symbol of the strength of family ties. After all, the jewelry is made in the form of a closed circle, which symbolizes stability and immutability. In ancient times believed that the simpler and smoother the ring, the softer and more peaceful will be the family life of the spouses, but now this belief is considered somewhat outdated.

Today at the peak of the popularity of jewelry with various designs, engraving, and inserts. And especially loved are the pieces decorated with semi-precious and precious stones, which can turn an ordinary ring into a work of art, have powerful energy like promise rings that carry a specific symbolism. Lithotherapists say that correctly picked up minerals will not only reveal the strong character traits of the person but also become a potent amulet of family bonds and have a beneficial effect on the marriage.

The Magic of Stones in the Wedding Rings

Stones in wedding rings have their unique meaning and symbolism. Each mineral embedded in the jewelry gives its owner a specific power, which affects not only his life but also the marital relationship.


A stunningly beautiful blood-red stone, which is associated with the Sun. It is the most potent energy of this star that gives it its unique favorable properties. Ruby gives its owner good health, power, dignity, strength, and courage, and its rich hue is invariably associated with love, beauty, vivid emotion, and passion. In medieval times, people believed the stone could ward off evil spells, the evil eye, and other negative influences.


Pearls have been associated with power, intuition, and the strength of families. People believed that if pearls begin to darken, one is on the wrong path in life. This is a very mysterious and beloved gemstone that has been known since the dawn of civilization. It requires neither cutting nor processing, which is why it was used as jewelry before Christ. Pearls age much faster than stones because organic substances tend to break down, so pearl jewelry needs to be taken good care of. The Chinese believed that pearls were the light of the moon petrified in the water; the Greeks thought they were the tears that the sea nymphs dropped. In Ancient Rome, women wore pearl necklaces as a symbol of marital fidelity and as a safeguard against the evil eye.


The deep blue stone is under the patronage of Jupiter, which is considered the planet of happiness. Engagement rings encrusted with sapphires are a solid positive talisman for newlyweds, as they promise genuine intimacy, peace, mutual understanding, preservation of the marriage, and respect between spouses. If the fire ruby gives passion and heady emotions, the sapphire promises wise, peaceful, and quiet love. Let’s look at the properties of precious and semi-precious stones that are most often used to decorate gold promise rings:


One of the most powerful stones in terms of energy. Its patrons are the Sun and Venus. The mineral has many favorable properties, making relationships robust, pure, and permanent. In ancient times, people believed that jewelry with cut diamonds helped preserve marriage fidelity. Family diamonds have the strongest properties, but only if the previous owner’s marriage was long, solid, and decent. Such engagement rings are ideal for couples who sincerely want their union to last forever.


Emerald is worshipped by Mercury, the planet of intellect and prudence, and Venus, the giver of love and beauty. This green stone has been a favorite of witches and sorcerers since ancient times, as they believed that those who wore it could reveal the secrets of the future. The mineral is a powerful talisman against spoilage and the evil eye and helps to keep one’s mind clear and young. It symbolizes honest and open people who keep their word and is loyal to their beloved. Also, a wedding ring with an emerald that is given to the beloved confirms the purity of the groom’s intentions.


The blood-red crystals of the garnet are under the patronage of the planet Mars, which is the most martial of all planets. This gives the stone its unique qualities: jewelry featuring garnet will stimulate stamina and willpower, endowing strength of character and clarity of thought and helping one develop a greater sense of self-worth. Red crystals are also recommended for newlyweds; it is a stone of love that can ignite passion and encourage the wearer to perform amorous deeds. It drives away sadness, cheers the soul, and brings joy to its owner.

Remember that each stone has a specific energy and has a particular set of features that are not suitable for everyone. So study the characteristics of the mineral you like beforehand and decide if they correspond to your wishes.

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